When a Priest Was Asked "Since the Church does nothing about Joe Biden's promotion of abortion and gay marriage, what commandments do I have to follow?"--and What the Priest Said

We should cling closely to Christ and strive our best to keep His commands – all of them, this priest says.


Of course. I don’t understand the attitude of the “asker” in this situation. Either you are a Catholic because you believe in the faith, and you want to follow it to the best of your ability, or you aren’t. Why belong to an organization for which you are constantly trying to evade the rules? Doesn’t make any sense to me.


I follow the Church teaching because I believe in them.

Not because some other person is doing it.

(And when I fail to follow it, I go to confession :grimacing:)


3 question to the asker:

Are you following God or Joe Biden?
Are you following God or a priest?
Are you following God or man?

When you know the answers to those questions than you will have the answer to yours.

FYI those questions are specifically for anyone here… just to the asker in the article…but IMO are questions we should ask ourselves sometimes.


I’m baffled as to why anyone would use a Catholic politician as a role model for how to be Catholic. Given that we all know for years now about the sins of JFK, why hasn’t this person been asking even before the election which commandments he has to follow because JFK didn’t get excommunicated for having umpteen extramarital affairs?


I doubt the asker was sincere. It was just a petulant roundabout way of having the “Joe Biden isn’t a good Catholic” conversation for the bazillionth time.


Or it could be a variant of “how come they get away with it”?

As if bad behavior is somehow a desirable prize the asker wishes they could have (do) themselves.


I agree. But I imagine throughout history that this is why the Church has treated scandal which goes public so seriously. As another Catholic and especially as a large public official, what Biden does creates great scandal and doubt for other Catholics. Whether or not they should feel that way, that’s the reality.


Actually, there are a great many cases throughout history where the Church turned a bit of a blind eye towards it.


What a concept!

I think it’s a rhetorical question, to make a point about US clergy. The point probably was not about Biden, nor about lowering one’s morality because he’s getting away with it. I suspect the questioner is saying he wants the church to take a stronger stance.


It sounds like somebody trying to get an answer they want.

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Looking from the outside it seems likely to me that President Biden’s continued and open practice of his faith will encourage some (not sure of quantity) Catholics who share his views but have become non-practising to return.

At the moment it looks like open practice of the Catholic faith in the US says ‘I am opposed to laws that allow access to abortion, against same sex marriage, and opposed to free availability of contraception’.

President Biden’s continued affirmation of his Catholic faith makes it easier for those who share his views wanting return. A wise Church would see opportunity here, not threat.


Those who believe as Joe does are in error and in need of correction, the church needs to show them the error of their ways and offer confession.

The teachings of Jesus are not optional, as ST Paul points out these beliefs of Joe won’t get one to heaven.


So if they come back to Church following the President’s lead, you will have a chance to tell them.


If the Church is materialist maybe.

Joe Biden is not a practicing Catholic.

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Depends on why they come back and if they are open to church teaching. Joe supposedly goes to mass but isn’t following church teaching.

His actions may cause others to err, remember Jesus said to the woman, go and sin no more. Just going isn’t enough, the sin no more is the tricky part. The Church can teach but the follower must act


It’s the guy who is pulled over by the police for speeding and says “Why did all those other drivers get away with it? You can’t ticket me! It’s NOT FAIR!”

Well, given that two bishops have told Joe to not present himself for Communion, one could reasonably draw one’s conclusions.

One could perhaps draw the conclusion (despite there being 144 active diocesan bishops and 36 active archbishops in the United States, so two of them are hardly any kind of representative sample).

However, discussing it a bazillion times gets old pretty quick.

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