When AI is your new boss

Workers say Shipt customers often live in gated and upscale communities and that the app encourages workers to tack on gifts like thank you cards, hot cocoa, flowers, and balloons onto orders (paid for out of their own pocket) and to offer to walk customer’s dogs and take out their trash, as a courtesy. Shipt calls this kind of service “Bringing the Magic,” which can improve workers’ ratings from customers that factor into the algorithm that determines who gets offered the most lucrative orders.

Sounds a bit like the fifth economy.

This reminds me of something IBM did years ago with the HR services they were selling. They already offered a suite of solutions for managing email, meetings, VoIP pho e solutions, and so on. Using that information they could assess the “importance” of a worker and how much that worker interacted with others. That information was used to identify low values workers and get rid of them.

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