When all of you pray, do you get a feeling in your chest?

I’ve had temptations to feel pride, as well temptations to go to the devil and call him lord, and I feel something inside my chest that pulls me there, to say and think such things. Likewise, I feel the love of God after a good time praying. Well, to be truthful, I haven’t felt it in two years, since I entered this high period of scrupulosity and was convinced I was hellbound for compulsive thoughts.

Am I alone, in having these feelings? Is it all mental? I once escaped from these thoughts before and thought of them and had the feeling, but I was able to brush it off and say no, whatever.

I think we all go through patches of feeling God’s presence and patches of feeling nothing. When I joined the Church I felt an overwhelming peace and safety while praying. Now I feel nothing. I know intellectually that God is there, and I believe that He is listening, but I do not feel Him.

And that’s OK. Plenty of saints went through periods where they couldn’t hear or feel God. It may be difficult for us here on earth, but it doesn’t mean that we’ve lost our faith.

God be with you as you struggle with your temptations, JDGaney. Even if you can’t always feel Him. :slight_smile:

Okay - first of all, you’re being tempted by your own thoughts right now. This could be a sign of the devil tempting you; it could also be mental illness. Talk with your priest for help discerning which one it is.

As for feeling God in prayer - sometimes, when I pray more intently than normal, my body starts to shake and feel numb. I’ve sometimes felt the Holy Spirit rushing across me like a gentle breeze when I’ve proclaimed the Word. In addition, when I consume the Eucharist, I can often feel the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. But just because I experience this and others don’t doesn’t make me any holier or even a better Christian. It just simply means that God, for whatever reason, has decided that I need to experience this to help me draw closer to Him. And these experiences don’t always happen to me, either - just sometimes.

Sort of. I sometimes feel tingling in my lower back when praying. I have felt tight in the chest when I know I’m going the wrong way.

I wonder if the periods where God seems to disappear from our lives is just Him taking the training wheels off to see if we’ll crash. Satan probably runs alongside trying to ram a stick in our spokes.

Nope. I’m not really a feeler.

Be careful not to hinge too much of your prayer life on how you feel. Feelings change. God does not.

No, but when I pray the Rosary, I get really relaxed.

For the first 26 years of my life, I felt nothing when I prayed. Currently, God is quick to let me feel His presence when I turn to Him. I don’t expect this to last for the rest of my life (well, this life), so I’m trying to really appreciate it while I can!

Yes I too used to have thoughts of blasphemy. But I quickly ask God for forgiveness and I know those thoughts are not mine. I am pretty sure this must be a common feeling. But yeah, like some someone mentioned in this thread don’t give too much attention to feelings. Put God above all else. Prayer shouldn’t always be about feeling good.

I’ve never had anything like that before.

Where does this stem from?

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