When am I considered "officially" Catholic?

I have tried researching this question online and I really haven’t found anything on it which is unusual. I can almost always find stuff when doing web research but not this time, so I want to ask you.

I started RCIA last year and I’m still in RCIA now. Why it’s been that long is something for a whole other thread, but part of the lengthy time was due to my not having any baptism paperwork and no one still alive who might have witnessed it to provide an affidavit. This will result in a conditional baptism (which is fine with me) but that has not been done yet.

My wife and I are “official” members of the Parish. She is a “cradle Catholic” and I’m converting from UMC.

So…my main question is, am I “officially” a Catholic at this time? I consider myself to be Catholic now but is that correct? If not, when does that actually happen (upon conditional baptism? or confirmation? or first Eucharist, or…)? If I’m not “officially” Catholic then what would I be considered at this point? Am I in some sort of “limbo” in that sense? I guess I’m just searching for a religious, theological identity here!

Any help appreciated.

At this point your basically a catechumen/candidate. While that doesn’t make you a Catholic, it doesn’t mean you are non-Catholic either. Its an official step to becoming Catholic. Catechumens have some rights under canon law, but canon law does not fully apply to them.

One becomes Catholic either by being baptized into the Church or by being received into the Church at their confirmation and first communion.

In your case you’ll become Catholic at your conditional baptism because at that point you will be received into the Church.

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