When are stipends appropriate?

Are there occasions when one would one offer a stipend other than when requesting a Mass intention? Let’s say you call a priest out to a hospital to administer extreme unction to someone who is not a member of his parish. Would it be appropriate to offer a stipend to that priest? What other occasions would it be appropriate to offer a stipend and how much is customary for these other occasions?

Thanks in advance.

Stipends are usually offered to priests for weddings, funerals, and baptisms. If you specially request a Mass to be said for a particular intention you might also offer a stipend then, depending on the situation. (For example, if you have already offered a stipend when scheduling the Mass with the parish office, you would not give the priest another stipend when he says the Mass.)

I have never heard of offering a priest a stipend for administering the last rites, but if you are unsure what is appropriate call the parish office where he is assigned and ask if a stipend is expected for last rites for non-parishioners.

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