When are you "Catholic"?


I have a question in regards to when is a person Catholic.

I have a cousin who is getting married next year. She was baptised and recieved Holy Communion as a child, however never spent the rest of her life in the church. She never did get the 1st confession. (The church we went to did 1st communion in 2nd grade and confession in 4th)

Is she Catholic? I would say yes, she was baptised Catholic, she is Catholic and that she would need to be married in the Catholic Church, however I had a person say no, she is not, she was never confirmed and as an adult gave her life to the church.

What is the truth in this matter, I don’t want to go by what I feel, I want to know the truth.


If she is baptized in the Catholic Church then she is a Catholic and under the jurisdiction of Catholic Canon Law unless and until she leaves the Church by a formal act (which requires specific steps outlined in Canon Law, not just stopping going to Mass). Your friend is wrong about Confirmation being necessary for her to be Catholic.

Yes, for her marriage to be valid he must marry in the Catholic Church following the Catholic form required in Canon Law.


That was my understanding. Thanks for clarifing it.


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