When can I begin sleeping with my partner

You identify as Catholic. May I say, You should know the answer to this already.


May I suggest a different scenario to your question. Let’s face it, we’re all just one heartbeat away from eternity.

suppose today, you get the exact answer you want to hear from a poster, So you take that answer, and continue to have sex without marriage… cohabitating or not. However, What if you find out, you have a week to live. Maybe it’s 5 days from now maybe it’s 7 days from now, you don’t know the exact hour or minute, just that it is a week from today and you will be dead.

Based on that, What would be YOUR decision to your question?

I’m pretty sure the OP must indeed be joking/trolling. I don’t think it’s possible for an adult human to get confused that “sleeping together” is wrong but “sex” is okay. They’re using wordplay (and I presume to mock Catholics, since I don’t see why an actual Catholic would bother to post such a comment. Or if they are Catholic, they’re very bored, possibly a preteen, and think they thought of something funny).


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