When Can I Finally Say

… that I am Catholic?

I am a baptized Christian who is in the process of conversion (RCIA) to the Catholic Church. I am adamant in my desire to become Catholic and refuse to back down from this desire even though I face ignorant Protestant misconceptions about the Catholic Church and Her teachings.

However, I’m hung up on when I can finally say, “I’m Catholic”?

Is it after the Rite of Acceptance? After the Rite of Election? After Confirmation? When will I finally be able to declare, “I’m Catholic”?

As a baptized person, you don’t receive the Rites of Acceptance or Election - instead, you (at the option of the priest or Bishop) may receive the Rites of Welcome and Call to Full Communion. :wink:

That having been said, you are “officially Catholic” when you receive the Rites of Initiation, which in your case will include Profession of Faith, First Confession, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion. :slight_smile:

Prior to receiving the Rite of Welcome, you can tell people that you are a Catholic Inquirer, and between the Rite of Welcome and the Rites of Initiation, you can tell people that you are a Candidate for full communion with the Catholic Church.

Well, if your intention is to receive the sacraments of initiation and you are in the process, then, if you dropped dead tomorrow, you would “die Catholic.”

The previous poster gave a good script for you though.

That said, for ME (personally, not legally, technically or in any way related to the position the Church holds on this), MY “Catholic at last” moment came when I walked out of the confessional after making my life confession.

Not that anybody was asking. :wink:

Oh, do I understand your longing, truly I do. :slight_smile: You sound Catholic at heart, and if anyone asks you can say “I’m in the process of becoming Catholic” and say it with all the pride in your heart. Until then (assuming you’ll be received and confirmed at Easter Vigil), go to Mass and spend time with Jesus in adoration–either exposed in the Blessed Sacrament during “official” adoration or when He’s reposed in the tabernacle, which I do a lot–as often as you can. Offer up your longing as a flower for Jesus to use however He wishes. And WELCOME HOME!!! :heart:

Some time after I came into the Church, somebody asked me how long I had been Catholic. The light bulb went on, and I replied, I have been catholic for 25 years, but I have been in the Church only since 1001. :wink: I

I was so thrilled after my first Communion I floated to the pew afraid I’d bump into someone. That was the final step into the Church. I had no doubt I’d done the right thing. I was grinning so hard it seemed like it should hurt my cheeks but it didn’t.:smiley:
That was Easter Vigil. You’ll know. You’ll always remember it too, probably.:heaven: See you when you get here!

1001 your 1000 thousand years old.:smiley: Sorry I just had to say it. But on topic I love your enthusiasm. It’s so amazing to hear these stories. Just tell others you are a Catholic Inquirer as another poster wrote. God bless

As I was going through RCIA, I would tell people that I’m “1/3 Catholic” or “50%” Catholic. It was fun and a good way to get conversations started!

Now 100% Catholic (and still having trouble believing I got here!),

You are already Catholic, welcome. Catholic is a set of beliefs as handed down to us by God, if you believe you are Catholic. You may not be in “full communion with the church” but that will come in time. Being Catholic is a lifelong vocation.

Phew, I had been thinking the same question as the OP myself. I just say “soon to be Catholic!” and grin wildly whenever anyone asks


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