When Can I Offer a Mass to My Grandmother?

My Grandmother passed away last year in Sep 17, we offered Masses for her at the time. I’d like to offer one again on this coming Sep 17. Is that ok? Can I offer a Mass whenever I want for her? Or is there certain times in the year? My parents say that a Mass has to be offered a month before her memorial. Is this correct? It does not make any sense to me! My parents are not very religious so I don’t know if I should trust their word for it.

Thank you

P.S. Pardon me if you find a word that does not make sense or a typo. This is not my language.

A lot of people request Masses on the anniversary of someone’s death. It could be that day or any other day you’d like. There are no requirements that Masses be offered only at certain times.

Because you say this is not your first language, I assume you are from a different culture.
Here in the U.S. people make arrangements for Masses for their loved ones, living or deceased any time they wish. I know in Ireland, they begin the memorial Masses at the year anniversary, and in fact that is when they distribute the memorial cards.
Cultures vary. So I would ask your priest what the norm is where you live. But if you are in U.S. now…go for it! No one will raise an eyebrow. God bless you for remembering your grandmother in this very special way. Masses are a beautiful gift.

Note that in many parishes the masses must be requested several months in advance.

Well yes, availability applies. In our parish the Sundays are snapped up by the end of the previous year. But there are plenty of weekday Masses available each month. It all depends of whether you wish to be present at the Mass or not.

You can have a Mass offered for your grandmother as often as you wish. Even if she is in Heaven, you can be sure the graces won’t be wasted, but will be applied to the souls still in Purgatory.

If you have trouble having a Mass offered on a certain day, you might try some religious orders. Here is one example where you can enroll her online.


Thank you everyone for your help.

God bless :slight_smile:

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