When can one apply for a seminary evaluation in the diocese?

At what age is one able to ask for a diocesan evaluation for one to enter seminary?

Can a person request an evaluation during high school or after?

Does this vary within dioceses?

I am discerning the vocation to priesthood, so this shouldn’t be an issue at this moment, but just curious.

Thank you.

You should be able to start seminary after you graduate from high school. You would enter a minor seminary where your formation would begin and you would get your bachelor’s degree. You’d then go to a major seminary for studies for your master’s degree. As far as when you have to apply for your diocese, it varies from place to place. Contact your diocesan vocation director or take a look at their website. They may give you a clear idea. Lastly, I noticed that you are to be confirmed tonight. If you are a convert I believe there will be a two year period before you can join the seminary.

Yea, their is. But I am only 14 and in 8th grade…So I have a long time to think and pray about it. :slight_smile:

Also, would the diocese pay for both minor and major seminary? Or just major?..Just curious. Thank you.

And is a Minor seminary is a secular college, or is it in a Catholic college? Or could be both?

Minor seminary will be at a Catholic college. I believe the seminarian covers the tuition of undergrad studies at the minor seminary and the diocese will cover the expenses of major seminary. It may vary in your diocese.

Generally a person would apply to the seminary senior year of High School. That’s if you plan on going into minor seminary. The diocese usually pays for only the major seminary. However there are things such as Financial aid, student loans, scholarships, and the Knights of Columbus+ Serra Club. So there are way’s. Just trust in Jesus, and say your rosary!

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