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I have heard people call into Catholic Answers Live and ask if it is ok to go to a friend’s wedding when that friend is Catholic but not getting married in the Catholic Church. CAL often says that person A should not go to person Bs wedding because it would show their approval of a wedding that is not in communion with the CC.

I am the only one (for now) in my family that intends to come to the CC. If my brother, for instance, gets married (and he is not a part of the CC), am I expected to not attend his wedding because it is not in communion with the CC?




It doesn’t matter if the wedsding oas Catholic or not, you are still permitted to go.




You did not mention your family's faith, but if you were raised, say in the Lutheran church. Your brother is Lutheran and assuming he marries in the Lutheran church there is no reason you could not attend.

A common problem for many is when a baptised Catholic decides to get married by a judge in an outdoor ceremony. This is an invalid wedding. A person may even attend such a wedding depending on the circumstances but it is my understanding that they should not be an honor attendant.

If you do a search under the "Ask An Apologist" part of the forums you will get a lot of good information there!

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I can’t cite what I found, but I can tell you that a few months ago I had to ask the same question, and found in church documents that a Catholic in good standing should not attend a wedding that is “presumptively invalid.” In my case, it was an acquaintance who was remarrying without an investigation of the prior marriage. We had had a conversation about the need for this, so I really felt the need to be consistent.

The Church does not hold Protestants to our standards and assumes that all weddings not involving a Catholic are valid until proven otherwise. (I hope I have the details right on that). Anyway, if a non-Catholic relative gets married in their own church, it’s all good. Unless they marry a Catholic without proper dispensations, but you wouldn’t know that unless you inquired.


What you are “expected” to do is follow your consience in relashonship to God. Not a brother. Sometimes it means you go to the wedding sometimes it means you dont go.


Thank you all for your replies. It seems that you all pretty much agree along the same lines. Sorry it took so long to reply, but thank you all for your help.

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