When can the black zuchetto and biretta be worn by priest?


Can the biretta be used during the liturgy like a mitre on a bishop?

  • During the Procession, before the Opening Rite.
  • During the Homily
  • During the Recession, after Closing Rite.

And I may be mistaken, but I think the black zuchetto is not allowed to be worn by priest during the liturgy, only bishops and above can wear one.
But can the bishop grant a dispensation to a priest to wear one during the liturgy?

Just questioning.

Thank you.


Essentially, yes, although I believe any cleric can wear a zuchetto, with priests obviously wearing a black one.


The biretta is permitted during the Homily? That seems awkward.


My “liturgical instinct” says that it isn’t. Speaking anecdotally, at Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio, at their Latin Ordinary Form Mass, the sacred ministers wear the biretta in the procession and the recession; the homilist, however does not wear it while homilizing (sp?) :shrug:


At St. Francis de Sales here in St. Louis, the priest wears his biretta at the rubrically prescribed times during the (EF) Mass itself. For the homily, he will step up to the pulpit holding his biretta, make whatever announcements need to be made (welcoming visitors, upcoming events, etc), then put the biretta on for his actual homily as a way to distinguish between housekeeping and homily. I don’t know if this is specified in the rubrics, but I like how it marks the difference between “rehash the bulletin for those who didn’t read it before Mass” and the actual homily. Perhaps your priest could do something similar?


A zuchetto? I didn’t priests were allowed to wear vegetables! :eek:


Well, if a Doctor can wear a stick of celery… :smiley:


In the OF it might be a question of what the local Ordinary (Bishop) wants and what is the most political thing to do.


[quote="YoungTradCath, post:2, topic:333483"]
Essentially, yes, although I believe any cleric can wear a zuchetto, with priests obviously wearing a black one.


IIRC, the zuchetto was only considered liturgical wear for bishops, not for lower clergy. From what I recall, those few who wear it, (generally Canon Lawyers), normally remove it, along with their doctoral ring, in the sacristy before Mass.


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