When can we live as husband and wife again?


I am a catholic who’s first marriage was with a non catholic without dispensation. We divorced and I remarried to a catholic without an annulment. As years passed and we had children we were both drawn back to our faith. Having our children baptized and Enrolling our children in catechism. Then starting on ourselves, living as brother and sister and pursuing our annulments which we both now have. The process varies based on the amount of information you have available to you to obtain the right documents. So my question is probably a common one. When do we live a husband and wife again? I want to wait if there is another few steps to take. But it’s all unclear to me. For the longest time I new so little of my faith.


Call your pastor and schedule a time to convalidate your marriage. Just like any bride and groom, once you exchange vows in front of a priest or deacon then you will be husband and wife.


You need to wait until nullity of your previous attempts at marriage are declared (the annullment comes through). If both are declared null, then you should have your marriage blessed or convalidated. Then you and your wife/fiancée will be properly married, etc.


Then all we have left is to have our marriage blessed, thank you!


Congratulations :slight_smile:


The flip side is, his could come back as not being declared invalid, which means you will have to wait until his wife dies.


Right now there is no marriage to bless. As far as the Church is concerned, your civil wedding wasn’t a marriage as you are still deemed married to other people. An annulment isn’t a Catholic divorce. They don’t always go through.


Since the previous ‘marriages’ were already annulled, yes, all you have to do is have your present marriage convalidated by your priest. congratulations!! :slight_smile:


Call your pastor and arrange the most wonderful convalidation possible!!! Make it special! You both deserve it! Congratulations!:extrahappy:


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