When can you start wearing a Saint's Medal?

I was just wondering when its appropriate to start wearing a Saint’s medallion? I haven’t really been told to much about it, just told to pick a Patron Saint. Any help would be awesome. =)

God Bless.

As far as I know you can wear them at any time. Even non-Catholics wear them sometimes, so I don’t think there’s any special procedure (akin to the enrollment for the Brown Scapular). Blessing is good but not necessary. At least that’s my understanding! :slight_smile:

My favorite actor has worn several saint’s medals for years, even though he’s not Catholic. He talks about them in a reverent way. They’re not just a fashion statement for him.

when you have a devotion to a saint
when you find a medal of your patron saint (I never saw an Adam but that does not mean one does not exist, or you may choose another saint for confirmation if you wish).
when you receive one as a gift

this is a completely private devotion, there are no rules other than in general it is better to avoid a multiplicity of devotions so you are not covered in medals, scapulars etc.

I’m assuming you are on your way to being confirmed (perhaps through RCIA). If so, how wonderful for you!

You may begin building your devotion to a Saint at any time. In fact, the sooner the better! As part of this devotion, you may begin wearing a medal at any time. I would recommend having it blessed by your Priest first, although this is not strictly necessary.

I personally didn’t begin wearing a medal until after I was Confirmed and welcomed into full communion with the Church, but I did pick up some prayer cards for my patron (St. Maximilian Kolbe) and worked to build a devotion to him in advance of my Confirmation. I would’ve felt a bit weird being Confirmed in the name of somebody I hadn’t spent some time with in prayer beforehand ;-).

It was, admittedly, a difficult process at first for me. A lifetime of Protestantism (‘why can’t you just go straight to God?’) made it difficult to truly embrace the whole idea of the Communion of Saints in the earlier stages of my conversion, but now devotion to the Saints (and St. Maximilian Kolbe specifically) is a wonderful part of my devotional life!

So go for it! If you have found your patron, go ahead and start wearing his medal!

God bless you.

Sweet thank guys, great posts. Yea I have already found my Patron Saint, I’ve got an odd devotion to St. John Vianney. He’s really awesome in the way he preaches, I also want to be a priest and didn’t realize the similarities between me and him until recently when I started looking into his biography.

One thing that I find is really cool is that we were both in the Military and given Medical Discharges. That’s really cool, to me. Also he found a sincere awe in the Priesthood and the sacraments. I LOVE the sacraments and I LOVE the Priesthood. There is just this amazing beauty in it to me that I can’t really comprehend, that I don’t really know if its even explainable. Another really cool similarity is that we both aren’t the best in school and I find myself struggling with Latin as I’m trying to learn it.

Thanks for the help guys and God Bless.

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