When Confession is GREAT

I went to confession yesterday. I have been trying to find a time to go that fit into my schedule and yesterday worked perfectly. I got to the church (not my local parish) a bit early and sat in the car thinking. Confession at this church is held in the adoration chapel. I went in and there were several people ahead of me. I did a bit of adoration then went to the Examen app on my phone that I use for examination of conscience. (This is a great free app available from the iTunes store and apparently, google play). It has 11 different examen types. The one that popped up when I opened it (they are changeable at your option) was just the one that I needed. Just as I finished it, the last person left confession. I went in and cofessed and the priest said exactly what I needed to hear. He was understanding and consoling, but not condoning. After absolution, I went back into the chapel and did another 15 min of Adoration. The weight of my sins had been removed and I left feeling very much at peace.

I hate going to confession but love having gone.



Confession is a wonderful sacrament. I actually have an appointment on my schedule each week so I have time blocked off for it. It happens during the work day, but it happens just before lunch so I just take an early lunch that day if I need to go. I am so glad you found it rewarding and I pray that you change hating going to confession and learn to look forward to it.


You have shared a great moment for us all to appreciate. Reconciliation is truly a sacrament of healing, and your experience shows why we celebrate this sacrament.


Maybe that will change.

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That is GREAT! :sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing. God’s grace is wonderful, beautiful.

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What you said is pretty much how I feel after confession. It is great to have peace of mind.

God bless you @phoage .

And thanks to the invisible person who was in there with you .

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