When Confession isn't so great


Screen, all day long. My favorite confessionals are the ones with physical walls between me and the penitents, i.e. if we’re not actually in separate rooms that require separate doors to access, I’m still hemmed in behind a partition.

That said, I will happily hear confessions most anywhere. And I have.


During Advent this year I pledged to more frequently avail myself of the Sacrament and due to the increased frequency found myself at times taking advantage of the daily confessions at the cathedral, though I prefer seeing my regular handful of priests who know me and where the experience doesn’t feel like an express line in a grocery store. Anyway, I went one week and was told by one priest that I’m scrupulous and should consider confessing less frequently. The next week I was told by another priest that I’m taking advantage of the Sacrament and that there is no grace to be had in such confessions since they are disingenuous. I was seriously scared for a minute that for the first time in my life I was about to be denied absolution! I’m like you, Bear. I’m far from a confessional hog. I jump in, recite my laundry list of sins, and then leave the rest to the priest. I’m also very reluctant to in any way correct the priest even if I think he’s going on a long tangent that doesn’t apply to me or (in the case of these two priests I mentioned) they make a faulty assumption about my circumstances. But these two experiences really left me dazed and confused for a while since the priests were saying mutually exclusive things. I thought about it for a couple weeks since I didn’t want to be haughty and miss a genuine opportunity at getting better but ultimately I had to just chalk it up to the priests not being able to read minds or consciences. They can’t all be Padre Pios! :slight_smile:


I KNOW that you never confessed the sin of gluttony when on your seventh birthday you ate half of a fairly large cake all by yourself, and then told your mom that it was the dog. :hushed:


I sure didn’t! But that happened some twenty years before my baptism, so I think I’m good. :wink:


I’ve gone to an old priest at the Denver Cathedral who once met Padre Pio. This priest is my favorite for going to confession to. He’s very kind and encouraging. Seems to have something of a gift for being a good confessor, IMO, anyways.


I wish I knew a priest like you around here.


Ha, I have the same problem sometimes. I say it everyday, have known it by heart since probably the first or second grade. And then I will get in confession and go blank after the first line. Luckily, the parishes around here have it printed and hung on the wall of the confessional, or on the screen.


Your preference matches your avatar :slight_smile: The caped crusader doesn’t want people to know who he is. Oh, I guess the analogy might be backwards.
Thanks for your participation Father!!!


Had a situation where the confessor suggested keeping some sort of journal/write a letter to The Lord or such a thing. Thought that was odd. What if someone saw it before it was destroyed?

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