When did executing heretics become immoral?


Oh, your fighting for those people that died under the huge oppression of the Catholic Church… now I get you; your for Obama… you know he did not really intend to bring the sharia law to the US–that was a ploy to funnel billions into the middle east, where he is planning to retire.

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They condemned it after the world media had pointed out that the Ugandan bishops had thrown all their weight in full support of it

They later U turned on the issue under pressure.

The chatechism also has a lot to say about truth and sexual conduct, but we all know how well that was followed in practice


Steve, these people believe that the Catholic Church is the cause for all that ills them; they will not listen till the Catholic Church ceases to exist… and even then they will still go on spewing their ill constructs.

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Yet, history demonstrates that it was the most restrained.

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I can’t speak to that. If they did support it initially they were in error. There’s no way Rome would have backed such a bill. 400 years ago? Perhaps. Not in the past century or so… absolutely no way.


I thought that you understood that the past was part of the past not the present or future–can you cite a Church document that calls for nations of the world to exterminate the heretics?

The only group in the world the calls for killing the infidels is Islam… yet, I don’t see you or anyone else seeking reparations from Islam, why is that?

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Its not new news. This bill would have made all UN member states agree that homosexuals should not be executed for being homosexual.

The Vatican veto prevented it.


JC, don’t you know that that is “progress?”

As long as no one mentions Christ, or Catholic–it’s ok to employ all sorts of genocidal machinery (including abortion).

Now, lets turn to the important things like Galileo, Bruno, Mars, and all those poor heroes that the Church burnt because they were sticking their necks out for social justice and equality; forget those millions upon millions that volunteer to be taken out so that their states could usher in a good 19 and 20 century justice for all campaign.

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There is only one Truth. If the State wished to execute me because I follow that Truth, then I would ask God to remove that cup from my lips, and if not that then to give me the courage to die well.

However, that’s not really what you’re suggesting. What you are suggesting is that my beliefs are no more inherently true than any other beliefs. So of course, to you, it seems equivalent. But that is not how it is. So when I say the State should punish those who promote blasphemies and heresies, I am not suggesting they are allowed to punish anyone they want, but only those who are actually promoting blasphemy and heresy. If someone disagrees with the Church concerning what constitutes blasphemy and heresy, they are wrong and the Church is right.

Spanking a child because he did something wrong is not equivalent to spanking a child because he did something right.


…wait, so there are no more heretics, atheists, non-Christians or you in the world?

Happy life! Everyone (except for you) is dead or Catholic in the world… yeah, team!

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Thankfully it is not yours.

I’m really beginning to think this IS a troll post after all :slight_smile:


What’s the message if the Pope remains silent on Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill? (http://caffertyfile.blogs.cnn.com/2010/03/09/cafferty-pope-silent-on-uganda%E2%80%99s-kill-the-gays-bill/)

Are you working for the media?

You are just as irrational as they are. When the Pope speaks the whole world is supposed to listen and obey–but only if the Pope speaks for what you want him to support or reject?

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Because the institutions, remnants of the British anti-Catholic empire, established those laws/form of governance.

…you always forget to include those small details, don’t you?

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And where precisely has the Pope given his blessing to killing homosexuals? Look, I have fundamental issues with the Church’s view on homosexuality, but the one thing I’ve got out of the Church’s pronouncements over the years is that all people must be treated with dignity. Inventing dastardly positions for the Church seems the height bigotry on the one hand, and utterly unnecessary on the other if you’re a proponent of LGBTQ rights. Do you really need to invent conspiracies where the Vatican allegedly cheers on Ugandan homophobes?


…wait, is Rome in charged of all the governments in the world?

I didn’t know that. I thought that when sovereign states exterminated their people or established their laws they were acting on their own… but Rome is responsible for them?

T, there’s nothing you can explain to those who want to blame the Vatican for every ill–even if they have to reach into hundreds of years in the past.

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I suspect some of the more extreme types on this thread on both sides are just doing a bit of trolling. There’s not going to be witch hunts for homosexuals or witches, and while a few fanatical elements might cheer that on, to call them a minority would be overestimating their influence.


Really, the Vatican has Veto power in the UN?:

The United Nations Security Council “power of veto” refers to the veto power wielded solely by the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States), enabling them to prevent the adoption of any “substantive” resolution. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Security_Council_veto_power)

Yeah, you don’t stretch the truth at all, not at all!

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Would you at least grant your “target” perpetrators and advocate for the defense or would you have summary executions?

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…or a secret agent of isis?

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But not because the Vatican supports penalizing gays… as your link clarified. The Vatican always condemns the death penalty and any sort of mistreatment of gay people.
I’m not clear on the veto aspect though. I thought the Vatican only had non-voting Observer status at the UN.

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