When did Henry G. Graham compose "Where We Got the Bible"?

More specifically, when did he originally compose/deliver the lectures on which the book is based?

He converted in 1903 and, according to the book’s preface, the lectures were published as articles in the Catholic press in 1908-09 before he cleaned them up a little and put them in a collected book. The book reads post-conversion, but I think it’d be pretty interesting if he had started delivering these while he was still Church of Scotland (and then added more specifically Catholic verbiage while revising them for publication).

Do we know?

I believe I read that he started writing about “where we got the bible” before he converted.

My copy said the original edition was in 1911. But regardless it’s a great read.

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[size=3]Where We Got the Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church[/size]

              by The          Right Rev. HENRY G. GRAHAM, 


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