When did I get so shallow?


I wasn’t like this at all not too long ago, was I?
The words of prayers, the ones that ask for the grace to put others first and to be willing to suffer – I can’t deal with the idea sometimes. :frighten:


Maybe try praying for some other things first. Like all the wonderful fruits of the Spirit:

charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control, chastity.


That’s a good idea.


The words of prayers, the ones that ask for the grace to put others first and to be willing to suffer – I can’t deal with the idea sometimes.

**So ask the Lord to deal with YOUR heart about it.

Actually, it sounds like He already is.

Pray over the fact that you can’t deal with this idea.**


I think you may be working with a balance issue, and towards a wholesome response to the Spirit.
When Jesus said, “Love others as you love yourself” there is an implicit command to rightly…not selfishly but wholesomely to love and accept yourself, who like others are a precious child of God. Unless you healthily and unselfishly value yourself, the gift of God that your are, you can’t really love others, if we are to take Jesus’ words seriously. I think you are reaching for this kind of spiritual health. You’re not being shallow but moving on to more mature faith.


Self made crosses

God, I want the burdens I carry be only those that You intend. Let self-made crosses no longer weaken me for genuine crosses that You permit! Lift from me those crosses that I construct out of fear, doubt or self-accusation. Free me of those I subconsciously build in desire for appreciation and love. Free me from crosses of mistaken sense of mission. Help me to accomplish the mission that You intend for me.

Free me from the errors of trying to carry and solve others’ problems where it is only my task to offer understanding, prayer, and what help that I can actually offer. Otherwise, in sleeplessness and anguish, I carry a cross of impracticality and helplessness that leaves me worn out, aiding no one. Yet inspire me to undertake, powerfully and sensitively, any means of genuine assistance to others.

Help me to recognise my areas of personal weakness or scarring that otherwise lead me to behave in ways unhelpful to others and myself. Fill me with the Holy Spirit’s prayer for them.

Please give me wisdom, faith, and charity to overcome tendencies and habits that impede me from Your service. Thus I, unhindered, am impelled to You in everything, in cooperation with the graces You desire to flood through my being at every instant, however secretly. Then, I am free, and I rejoice! For by Your mercy alone, my life is centred in You God, in self no longer!


God, I offer You my abilities and achievements. I offer You my failures and deprivations, with my love that gutters and flares, and with my flickering insight. I offer You my faith and hope that repeatedly requires renewal. I offer You the intercession and thanksgiving that I fail to make, and my inadequate service and worship.

I offer You everything, including what I am most reluctant to relinquish or to face—trusting that in Your loving-kindness You will deal with all these things to their best disposition. I ask that You will free me from anxiety regarding success or failure in my life or apprehension for my loved ones. I commit these to Your care.

I trust that Your Spirit will assume freedom to love and trust, to live and move in me. Then, as beautiful, vibrant witness and channel of You to each person that I encounter, or for whom I intercede, my life will worship You.

Grant me faith, constancy, hope and love, even where I feel none. Make me an overflowing chalice of Your love, a living tabernacle of Your presence, a powerhouse of prayer, and an open doorway into God.

I may not hope in myself, Jesus, but I adore You and hope in You for my loved ones and for anyone You desire to draw into Your love through our lives.


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