When did the fall happen


The church doesn’t promote a literal seven day creation so when did the fall happen.


If a 7 day creation is mythological then likely too is “The Fall”. It would be difficult to reconcile a mythological 7 day creation with a literal Fall.


wouldn’t that affect the nature of original sin?


While I don’t believe in a literal 7 day creation, and the church does not require us to, it is necessary for us to believe that we are all direct descendants from the first 2 humans, Adam and Eve, and that Adams decision to defy God is when the fall occurred. There’s no way for anyone to know when that happened.


Jesus appeared to imply they were real when He spoke to the Pharisees regarding marriage. I see no reason to doubt that reality when He seemed to affirm it. Doubting it almost sounds agnostic.


I always liked the hypothesis that maybe they were the first human (in the neolytical time) with which God contacted, before Abraham, and he granted them basic Revelation (the first part of the Genesis, the one of the Seven “Days”) and a Morality System. When they disobeyed (IDK how but it probably has to be related to arrogannce and a literal snake/Satan in disguise that tempted them) they commited the Original Sin and fell.

Obviously, this hypothesis has many gaps and limitations, but I think it merges well Genesis and evolutive evidence

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