When did we start to exist?


Was there ever a time we did not exist?


Why do I get the idea this is a trick question?

Each person comes into existence when they are conceived, and the soul is infused. From that time onward they will always exists.

Before we came into being we “existed” only in the mind of God, but we did not exist in reality. We came into existence in reality at a certain point in time. When “time” comes to an end we will continue to exist.


Why would this be a trick question? I can see that in light of all the misinformation being generated by the New Age people like Shirley McClain that there would be people who were actually confused. Your answer was short and correct.


[quote=catholic2]Was there ever a time we did not exist?

Yes. Only God has always existed, right? Everything else has a beginning. Why?


Because only God is not created. Everything else is created. Only God creates from nothing. All created things are limited or finite.


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