When did you meet your spouse?


a recent thread on looking for a spouse in college has me thinking.

How many of us met our spouses in college? Just curious.




Met mine at the science fair in 11th grade :nerd: We were instant friends as soon as we started talking that day, and we haven’t been able to shut up since :smiley:


You guys are quick. I just got the poll posted. :slight_smile:


I met DH in 11th grade High School Math class. That was
35 years ago! Still feel like:love:


I met my DH in high school — biology class actually! And though we had “crushes” on each other back then, we didn’t date during that time. (Both of us were too shy to tell the other that we liked them.)

It wasn’t until after college that we ran into each other again and the romance quickly blossomed.

God clearly meant for us to be together, we just had to wait for His timing. :slight_smile:


I met my ex- husband in College
and I met my current dh at work;)


I was 16 when I met DH, he was 19. We met through a mutual friend, but we didn’t go to h.s. together.


…It should’ve been a multiple-selection poll – At least for me, both “In College” and “Through parish or spiritual program” apply.


I met my husband in college after locking myself out of my dorm room once again. He lent me a notebook and pen as I was late to class and had none. The rest as you may say is history. going on 12 years now.:love:


I met my honey at a church retreat for young adults. We talked, not much else, lost contact for about 6 years, met at church again, started dating, got married…Our 13th anniversary is coming up in February! I better not forget between now and then. That would probably be worse than when the tooth fairy forgot to show up one night :eek:


We first met in elementary school. But we didn’t start dating until we were in college.


High school and we’re getting divorced. I was a mature 17 year old but way too naive and forgiving. I just really don’t recommend marrying at too young of an age.


Met mine after begrudgingly agreeing to help a buddy choose a new cassette deck… we went to the local mall electronics store and :eek: … goddess alert! Asked her out within the next 10 minutes…

We’re going on 19 years come September.


My husband and I meet in the Civil Air Patrol. As did my parents.


11th grade at a local park (we did attend the same highschool though). That was 18 years ago on the 22nd of this month. It was a unusually warm day in January.


I met my husband in sophomore year of college. We met in our friend’s car as we were on our way to mass.


I met my DH the summer between 10th and 11th grade…one month before I turned 16. Married him at 18.
We’ve been together 20 years now! :slight_smile:

Sorry…ETA where we met…
My best friend asked me to go w/ her to the college (basically across the street from her house) where she was meeting her boyfriend. My DH was driving her boyfriend there to meet her & wanted to meet someone, too.
LOL She called three other girls before me, but thanks be to God, they were busy. The second I saw him…BAM…he was so fine!! (he looks even better now!)


We met in the gym. We were 34 and 35, respectively. I wanted an excuse to talk to this hottie, so I went up to her in the freeweight room and said, “Excuse me, have you seen the 25 lb weights?”

I can’t imagine what it would be like to meet your mate in high school. You people were blessed!


I met my wonderful wife while preparing for a pilgramage to Lourdes with the youth of my diocese in 1989. It was love at first site, but it was declared mutual in Lourdes, just outside the grotto the next April. We were married in 1995.

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