When did you start going to Mass together?


Some couples already have established relationships with different Catholic churches before meeting. When did you start going to church together?


Well we are both catholic so we would go to the same young adult evening mass during the week and he would invite me to his parish all the time. I ended up become a memeber of that parish before we started dating. We go to the same parish but we rarely sit together. He serves on the altar pretty much every weekend or sings so even though we don’t “go to mass” together we actaully go to the same mass. I knew his dedication to serving before i started dating so i don’t get upset or think i missing out on something.


My husband and I met at a Newman Club meeting at college, so we’ve always gone to Mass together, even before we were dating! (We met there as friends, often with other Newman Club members, before that.) It’s been a wonderful and important part of our relationship.

I always feel close to Hubby when we’re praying and worshiping together!


My fiance and I started with in the first couple weeks of us being together, even though she was (technically still is, but is in RCIA) Evangelical Baptist. I guess (have been told by her) she was already thinking of converting and took the oppertunity.


My DH is agnostic. Establishing a habit of regularly attending Mass as a “family” was one of my pre-requisites to be comfortable marrying someone of a different faith. He started attending Christmas and Easter Mass with me once we were exclusive, and was attending weekly with me sometime before we became engaged.


My fiance and I met online through our work with a Catholic lay evangelization apostolate. We went to Mass together the first day we met in person (9 months later), and every day that we’ve been together in person since then, we’ve gone to Mass. We see it as our lifeline, so not going isn’t even an option.


After realizing our relationship may turn into something. Then she thought it was cool that I went to Church. Not to many single Catholic men go by themselves. At least not as many as single women. Go to a daily Mass and you'll see what I mean.


Not really quite sure what button to punch for answer. When we meet, it was via the internet. She was on the west coast of Canada with me on the East Coast of the USA. And to top it off, she was not Catholic. So, after 6 months of long distance typing and calls, she came to visit and we went to Mass together on New Year’s Eve. I cantored, as usual, and she sat in the front row just opposite me.

Four months later she moved to a part of Canada that was closer for to get to … 3 1/2 hour drive, and so every weekend I commuted to visit her. And every weekend we sat together at Mass on Saturday night. This, even though she was not a Catholic, yet. Then at Easter Vigil year later, she became a Catholic. Since that time, we have only not gone to Mass together 3 times. And each of those times it was because one of us was ill

God bless



When DH & I were first dating, he wanted to join me in going to mass and even joined my parish. Throughout our relationship, our faith/belief was the center of our union and he was the only person I’ve ever met that truly had the strongest morals.

To this day, we still go to Mass together and pray together. I honestly believe that couples who pray together, stay together. :slight_smile:


We went to Mass for our very first date, the same day we became ‘exclusive’.


we don’t attend mass together as my DH is a wonderful man, but not a Christian. please pray for him! :slight_smile:


We started going to Mass together very soon after having met each other (we met at university), and before anything like serious dating began (on my side anyway… it seems like he had already a slight idea of how he wanted our relationship to evolve:D). We had talked about religion, DH had told me he had converted “by himself” during high school but didn’t go to Mass because he had hardly ever been there (except a few times, as a child, with his grandmother) so he would feel awkward because he had no idea how it worked.
I proposed him he could go with me the coming Sunday, which he did. And from that on, we always went to Mass together when we were in the same town on Sundays.

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