When did you start to pray the rosary?

I have been looking at getting a Saint Dymphna one (I have epilepsy and anxiety plus OCD so I feel she’s my " number 1 saint" if that’s not weird) but don’t know when to start praying it.

If you were a convert into Catholicism, when did you start or feel led to pray it?



I’m not a convert, but I only started praying it about two years ago! Haven’t missed a day since! :smiley:

I’m not a convert but id like to say that I began praying it between September 20 and October 10 of 2011. Ive had the habit of praying it daily ever since then. I remember missing maybe 4 or 5 days at most but prayed 2 the following day. I want to have this habit until the day I die. It changes your life.

Pax Christi!

About 7-8 years ago, when I reverted.

God bless.

I guess it was when I was too old to chew on it…:D…
Being a cradle Catholic, we prayed the rosary every night during lent and when we were little ones mom would give us a little cheap plastic rosary to hold.


I’m a convert of 14 years. I started praying a daily rosary about 3 years before my conversion. I don’t remember why. I’ve always thought that the rosary was the reason for my conversion.

I started praying the Rosary when I was still in the UMC a few years ago. That was the beginning of the end; my “undoing” so to speak and I’m now in RCIA going full steam ahead hoping to be confirmed next Easter! :thumbsup:

When I first read the 15 promises of the Rosary I started to pray it.

I started praying the Rosary during RCIA about a year ago.
I prayed it daily for a time and it helped me understand and accept the “trouble areas” I had regarding my now Catholic Faith.

Unfortunaly I lost the rutine ironically around Easter when I got received into the church.
At some point I’ll start praying it daily again as it such a resource to my faith.

Mary is our general in battle and the rosary is the most powerful weapon in the world.
Praying to Mary moves mountains!

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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I’m a convert. I started praying it during RCIA (before I was Catholic) so almost 2 years ago now.

A few days after I got hit over the head with the fact that the answers I was looking for may be contained in the Catholic Church. I found myself in a Catholic bookstore one day trying to find a few ‘not so Catholic’ things that could help me in my journey back to Christ. A few days later, I was back there buying a Rosary. I felt that someone had been praying the Rosary for me (don’t actually know now if that was the case, but it felt real at the time), and so I started praying it myself. It’s a very powerful prayer. If you are feeling led to pray it, it’s definitely the Holy Spirit at work. Go for it!

I started on a Thursday about three years ago. It was what brought me to my final conversion from the Methodist church to the true church. My life was in turmoil and I needed help. After felling the pull of something telling me the rosary was the place to start I actually took an old shoe lace and tied a single decade strand with one larger knot for the our father. Got online and found instructions. And began that night. I used the shoe lace for about three months until I found a knotted rosary that a friend had given me years ago. The rosary was the most powerful tool that led to my conversion. I hope that you find as much pleasure and peace in it as I have found. There is only one good time to start and that is when you feel that you are ready.:thumbsup:

This is such a sweet story. Your makeshift rosary, I’m sure you made Our Lady proud.

I started praying it a year ago and have not missed a day. I made a commitment to it after I said it in a prayer group and found it stopped my panic attacks. Devotion to Mary is not an option. She is who we need to turn to in spiritual combat. The Rosary is a great weapon.

I can’t say that I have not missed a day, actually missed many here recently, I have though picked it back up as of last night. But to the point not being able to buy a rosary at first led me to making many mission rosaries made out of wire and ones made out of cord

Started praying the daily rosary around July of 2010. The habit of the daily rosary has continued to this day and for me has yielded abundant fruit.

I am a cradle Catholic, but I guess you could call me a revert, as I turned my back on the Church for some years. I started praying the rosary last October, not daily, but close, at least five times a week.

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