When discussing abortion may I deny my faith so as not to 'prejudice' my argument?

My faith is an important part of my life. However, when discussing abortion people are often sidetracked by my faith. Regularly I hear things like “oh you’re just against abortion because your Church tells you it’s wrong.” Regardless of my faith I know abortion to be wrong. Too often I find myself having to defend my faith instead of the right to life in such discussions. Is it permissible to deny my faith in such instances in the hope of convincing someone of the objective immorality of abortion?

I would not recommend doing something that the other person would consider disingenuous should the fact later come to light. It would call into question the honesty of any argument you have made. While you shouldn’t lie about your faith, there’s no obligation to raise the issue.
If someone says you hold that view only because of your faith you could simply say, “Let’s leave faith out of this for the moment and only focus on the facts.”

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