When do bad thoughts become a sin?


I was talking to a freind today and he asked me what he Catholic Church said about When does a Bad or impure thought become a sin? I told him I know where the brightest Catholics were that could anwser this better than I could. Ummm… So uhh… What should I tell him?


The thought is not a sin, it is when you entertain thoughts; that is, keep the thoughts in your mind willingly. A passing thought is not a sin, but dwelling on it is.

I think a saint came up with the rules for this to the extent of:

  • If you have a passing (evil) thought it can:

  • Become sinful if

    • you dwell on it
    • would commit the sin if able to
  • Become a credit if

    • you immediately see the thing as bad and reject it


Bad thoughts are not sin. It is a temptation. Those are the things that pops out your mind. These bad thoughts became sin if you practice this thoughts or you believe in this.

If lustful things just pops out your mind it is not a sin but if you entertain this lustful things then it became a sin.


When does a Bad or impure thought become a sin?

It becomes a sin the moment after you realize the thought is bad but yet you continue to entertain (fantacize about) it.


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