When do priests receive their habits?

When do priests receive their cassocks/ suits? Do they receive them right after their ordination or during their years at the seminary? And how many cause I don’t really think most want to wear the same cassock or suit 7 days a week (that is if they wear them at all outside of church:p)

That depends on a variety of factors, such as what the seminary or vocations department of a diocese might do in practice–some dioceses will issue clerical attire to their seminarians, some will only allow seminarians to wear clerics once ordained to the diaconate; usually one wears clerics at least at some stage of seminary formation at the seminary itself, but this varies house to house. As for how many, that’s up to the budget of the individual–if you want to wear multiple cassocks or suits, you should buy multiple cassocks or suits.


Just to be clear, a cassock isn’t a habit. Priests with habits belong to a religious order that wears habits. Diocesan priests don’t wear habits but they certainly wear cassocks, although most would wear the clergy shirt and collar.

my diocese has the guys in theology wear cassocks and the roman collar. not really outside the seminary though, as this could cause CLERGY CONFUSION! say that sentence ten times fast.

Also, some non-Catholic clergy may wear cassocks. Eastern Orthodox priests may do so, and I understand that some high-church Protestants (Anglicans, Lutherans, etc.) might do so.

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