When do the Persecuted become the Persecutors?

On September 21, there is going to be a black mass held at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. While the organizers had been in possession of what they claimed was a consecrated Host, they have since delivered it into the hands of the local Catholic diocese. The event is scheduled to go on as planned, without (I hope) a replacement consecrated Host.

Still, I recently signed a petition asking Civic Center officials to cancel the event on the grounds that it is offensive to Catholics and a mockery of our sacred liturgy. A friend of mine completely berated me for this and called me a hypocrite for signing the petition. He says that Catholics and other Christians are always claiming freedom of religion, and should allow the same right to other groups. He said that I’m ignoring the teachings of Jesus, and that this Black Mass might be an opportunity given to us by God to show patience and love and forgiveness, and went on to quote Mt 5:44.

I didn’t know how to respond to this. I don’t know if I am just afraid to admit I’m wrong, or is there something I’m missing? Is it wrong to try and force an end to an event just because I disagree with it? Would it be best just to ignore these kinds of things that are obviously created just to get a rise out of the Church?

Your opinions are greatly appreciated.


No you are not wrong. Keeping silent and letting such hideous “religion” go on is in itself wrong because it is harmful to people who attend such events out of curiosity, especially when you do not speak out against it. To make matters worst, they possess our consecrated host in order to desecrate it during their black mass.

You done very well.


The black mass is a mockery of the Catholic mass. There is nothing wrong with expressing your concerns to your elected leader.

They’re protected by the First Amendment - Free Speech Clause and Free Exercise Clause.

Condemn it but there isn’t anything you can do about it legally.

I’m inclined to agree with Derk TM. You might tell your friend that it is a matter of conscience for you to make a stand for what you believe is right, and you are loving your neighbor in the process even if they don’t understand. Then ask him if he thought the same way how would he react. Is loving your enemy necessarily agreeing with him? If he responds in a favorable way you have an opening to evangelizing him by “enlightening” him

I cant believe so many people actually believed this group gave back the consecrated host LOL, I have a feeling they probably gave them back a ‘dud’ and kept the real consecrated one, there would be no way to tell the difference…right? Unless a priest can somehow tell, that Im not sure about though.

However if this black mass does take place WITH a REAL consecrated host, I think we will all know right away! Id imagine there would be some pretty devastating consequences to this and probably happen immediately. These people are really putting alot of people that live in that city in danger…who knows what they could unleash with this mass?!!

Pretty scary imo, I hope the local parishes band together and shut it down, no matter what it takes…but Im also sure the group will probably have lots of willing police to protect this ‘mass’…GEEZ, that is really sad! lol I feel sorry for any cops that get involved in this, they likely have no idea what they would be getting themselves into.

Im glad I dont live in this city though!!

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