When do we have an obligation to speak out against grave sin?

So I’ve read that to be an accessory to grave sin is a grave sin. And I also read that silence is one way to be an accessory, sometimes I’ll be with my friends who are very secular and someone will talk about getting drunk or whatever. Last night I was with one of my friends and one mentioned a certain actor doing something impure in a movie and one of my friends said (maybe kind of jokingly, I’m not sure) that he was going to watch that movie when he gets home. Should I have spoken up right there (since he was implying he wanted to watch something impure) but I just don’t know what my obligations are in situations like this. Being that I have a lot of secular friends and I am around them often enough I feel as though I’d be reprimanding them every few minutes…shoud I go to confession? Part of me is worried since I didn’t speak up last night I’m in mortal sin.

Well…first, if your friends are not Catholic, then I wouldn’t say anything at all. To them and to many others, what you consider a sin and what they consider bad behavior differ greatly. It wouldn’t hold any weight if you tell them they are not following the rules of your religion–especially in the case above.
Most people would consider the above conversation as joking banter that is relatively harmless.

Second…i would point something out to someone–whether they are catholic or not–if they are is hurting another person.


You should speak up when stuff like that pops up. Ask your priest about whether you sinned.

Are they Catholic? If not, they probably won’t understand “grave sin.”
I speak up when it has to do with me. I’m infertile and my Protestant mom said something about IVF. I very politely let her know that in Catholicism that it is immoral and explained why.

I don’t go around to everyone I know that such and such is grave matter. It would probably seem like that is all I talk about.

Pointing out every little detail of people’s life (like small talk about a movie) isn’t going to help anyone and they would probably stop hanging out with you. If I had a Muslim friend and every time I ate bacon she was speaking out that it is wrong, I would eat bacon every time she was around until they either stopped complaining or they stopped hanging out with me. Honestly.

Well sins of impurity are a slippery slope and you should try to save your friend from that. You do not have tell them that it is a mortal sin. I am sure there are secular arguments for things like porn (just an example).

If they are talking about something bad, you can try something like changing the topic of the conversation.

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