When do we sin by silence?

When are we supposed to speak and when not?

for example if we saw a classmate cheating, are we supposed to go with the teacher?

of course that is just an example, what i really want to know is when we must take action or just leave stuff to be.

I’m not sure of the church dogma on this matter but let me tell you about Sr. Sabina’s sieves…

Sr. Sabina taught out study sessions in school and, in response to a nasty bit of gossip she intercepted in a note being passed, advised us to cultivate three sieves, through with to sift every word we utter or write…

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

With your example of cheating, I would say it passes all three. It is true (if you saw it). It is kind (if not immediately, then surely in the long-run) and it is necessary (all suffer in an establishment where cheaters prosper).

I hope this helps! God bless the wise and curmudgeonly soul of sweet Sr. Sabina!! :slight_smile:

Wow, excellent, i will keep that sieve in my mind.

Aw… Years after her death, Sr. Sabina’s wry wisdom lives on! Have a lovely day, my dear. x

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