When do you start decorating for Christmas?


For somebody who loves advent as much as I do it’s strange that I decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving instead of waiting. I think my personality is such that I can’t enjoy the season until the work is done so I get it out of the way quickly. Hubby does the outside on whatever day the weather report claims will be the nicest during Thanksgiving week. They aren’t turned on until at least the day after Thanksgiving but we don’t wait much longer than that because why have them up if you aren’t gonna enjoy them.


That’s kind of sad. Perhaps I am just projecting my own experiences onto your situation, but this kind of person tends to push out other volunteers who are not able or willing to get there and do things early. So the whole thing becomes a one-woman show and people who used to be involved gradually drop out because there’s no point. It’s all already done by the time they show up.


Normally we decorate on the Friday/Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year we ended up putting the tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving…kids got antsy.


i don’t put my tree or decorations up until after Mass the 4th Sunday of Advent. I put my creche up at the beginning of advent.

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