When do you take Christmas decorations down in your home


The poll "When do you decorate your home for Christmas?"
made me wonder when people take down the decorations.

My mom said not until after Stock Show. I don’t know why that was her standard other than that is when the city took down the decorations.

I don’t until after the Sunday of the The Baptism of Our Lord.


in the spring? :blush:


I wait until after the Epiphany…


Usually after Epiphany, unless my non-Catholic husband starts grumbling. :smiley:


We take ours down after Epiphany. We even light it up each night until Epiphany.




Same here :smiley:


One year growing up, my mom suddenly realized that the next day was Ash Wednesday. We took the tree (artificial) down that night! :stuck_out_tongue: In her defense, it was a year when Ash Wednesday was early – mid February.

We wait until after Epiphany. Although feb 2 is beginning to sound better and better. We also light the tree each night until we take it down.


Candlemas - Feb 2.


After Epiphany here too.


sometime in february, but i have waited as long as march…:shrug:


I am old school. Christmas starts Christmas eve and ends on Candlemas Feb. 2. decorations (such as they are, very minimal now) go up the weekend before Christmas eve or when I get time, this year will be morning of Christmas eve, if at all, because I am booked solid. they actually come down whenever toward the end of Jan I get around to doing a good thorough cleaning and dusting that is more than a swipe.


Sometimes people just leave them up all year long.



The tree and other decorations come down on Jan. 2. The nativity scene stays up till Candlemas day.


We usually take them down about a week after Jan 6, so they are up still for the Baptism. However, I do like the idea of keeping them up until Candlemas. My family growing usually took them down in Feb but that was because of being lazy:p Since some years we had lights up until July:D

Perhaps this year we at our home will incorporate keeping some items up or changing our decorations to bring more attention to the entire season & Candlemas. :slight_smile:


Count me in.
We also don’t believe in decorating until the weekend before Christmas.
Remember the 12 days of Christmas? We try to approximately follow that.



By the time Christmas is over I am thoroughly done with Christmas decorations. We usually take them down on January 2nd.


A few things, (like Christmas stockings) will come down after Christmas or by January 1st. The tree stays up until Epiphany. The nativity is up until the Baptism of the Lord. Other decorations come down whenever they come down.

I often leave the outside lights around our porch up for much of the winter. It’s just too dark and dreary otherwise. The rest I take down (or at least unplug.)


Same here but the nativity scene stays up till Feb. 2nd


The stockings and Santa-stuff come down within a couple of days after Christmas, but I try to keep the Nativity scene up until Epiphany. Sometimes I get tired of trying to keep the cats out of the Christmas stuff, though, so I take it down earlier.

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