When does a thought become lustful?


I’m kind of struggling with this, when does a thought become lustful? Is it when it contains genital contact or is kissing or making out lustful as well? Or even hugging when its pleasurable?

Also, are lustful thoughts a grave/mortal sin?

Thanks and God bless :slight_smile:

Noticing that someone is attractive and pleasing to the eye is not lustful. Entertaining thoughts about sexual contact with them IS lustful. Imagining yourself getting up the courage to make platonic or romantic physical contact, as in touching a shoulder, kissing chastely, or holding hands, is NOT lustful, however. Entertaining lustful thoughts is placed in the grave sin category in my booklet on examination of conscience that our priest gave our RCIA class. With that said, I need to mention that I am a baby Catholic, and was confirmed this Easter, so I thought I would answer your question since this is a new understanding for me, based upon RCIA and my reading of Catholic literature. Hope that helps.

A thought becomes lustful when you say yes to the thought, and entertain it, otherwise it is just a temptation. If dismissed immediately, you’re in good shape. Entertain it another second or two, and you are playing with fire. Learn short breath prayers to say when a temptation arises to change the thought process, they really work, did for me. God bless…

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