When does admiring the female form become an impure thought?

That’s my question since i find i cannot go without noticing the sexiness of women that walk by me. Is that sinful and if so what is the solution? I am married, never been unfaithful and never intend to be either.

It is not sinful to recognize that a person is sexually attractive.

It’s what happens next that can get us into trouble. Do we fantasize about seeing her naked, or touching her, or having sex with her? Do we go home and, umm, satisfy ourselves while thinking of her? Do we find out where she lives and try to peek in her windows?

These are progressively more serious sins, from a fleeting thought (probably venial) to a considered action (probably mortal).

An impure thought is one that is not ordered to the good of the other.

It becomes impure when you want to appropriate her for yourself.


It’s the same as walking into the bank and you enjoy watching them count out a few hundred thousand dollars on the table in the back. It becomes a sin when you decide you want to hold up the bank and enjoy the money for yourself ! :wink:

Excellent analogies from the 2 previous posters! :thumbsup:
Concupiscence sets in when you allow it to take hold of you. The beauty of women will always be there and it is not a bad thing.
We can admire beauty in all of GOD creation. Do not allow it to take your self control from you and you will be ok.

Jesus said: ‘You have heard it said, do not commit adultery, but I say to you: Whoever looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery in his heart.’

Passing someone and recognising they look nice, nothing wrong.
Temptations are not sins.
Staring at someone and thinking deliberate impure thoughts, under the three conditions of grave matter, is a mortal sin, as Jesus stated above, the commandments can be broken by the eyes and thoughts on their own!

If someone passes you and they are not dressed modestly, to deliberately stare at them for a long time on purpose, would be a sin also.
As Jesus said, ‘The eye is the lamp of the body. If the eye is full of light then the whole body is full of light and good things. But if your light is dark- how great is that darkness!’
Jesus was warning about chastity and looking at what you should not look at, which would be deliberately staring at anything immodest or against chastity, or staring at what would be an occasion for sin in the eyes or thoughts.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve always thought. :thumbsup: A wish to “possess”, to “appropriate” has always been a sign for me that I’ve gone too far… :dts:

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