When Does Confidence Become Pride


This is a question I deal with a lot. I understand that everything I have was given to me by God, and it’s only His will that’s even allowing me to breathe at this moment, but I struggle with how to feel about the things I’ve done with what God’s given me. Or even more so, the correct way to approach a competition, like a race. Is it okay to want to win? How do you balance your understanding that God loves you no matter what with wanting to do well? How do you balance knowing your talents are a gift of God and wanting to take credit for how you use them? And how do do something like runa race for God’s glory–how do you offer something like that up?

Anyway, lots of ramblings. I’m interested in you responses!


Confidence is pride when it becomes arrogance. If everything you do is for the Lord; if you boast only in the Lord, and take no credit for yourself, then all that you do in His name is good. However, we must constantly fight the tendency to take credit ourselves, when all credit is due to God. We do not own our lives - they are a gift of God. Since we are not the owners, neither can we take credit for that which we accomplish using the gifts which were freely given to us. As Jesus is humble, we are called to emulate Him in our humility. And, not only to emulate Him, but to exceed, since we, having no Divine nature, are so much less than He.

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