When does confidence in God's free gift of love become quietism?


I was listening to a Protestant pastor on TV last night (do not remember his name, or the channel). He had the following message (and I am paraphrasing here): “Maybe 94% of the churches in the world are preaching a false gospel because they are concerned with what we do or cannot do or how we can earn God’s love. If people only knew the unconditional nature of God’s love… that God’s love is available to us regardless of anything that we do or do not do… such people would be so transformed by the Holy Spirit (i.e. Romans 8:2) that they would always desire to obey and love God effortlessly!”

Now, I agree that the love and grace of God is free to be received by any and all. However, I see grace as a gift from God that is like the talons that we are expected to invest in the marketplace of the world… that we are supposed to bear fruit and that we will be judged on how we responded to the gift of God (cf. Matthew 25). I also believe that the gift of salvation is a covenant which one is still free to reject even after entering in.

This is not works of the Law or human effort… I am talking about freely choosing to remain in God’s grace–without which we cannot do anything.

Wouldn’t this pastor be denying the idea of concupiscence (natural inclination to sin) still remaining even after the grace of baptism? Would his view be quietism?

Any thoughts?


You lost me at ‘Televangelist’. :smiley:


Sorry… I had a case of verbositidus…
I will try to rephrase it in a shorter form…


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