When does the Sabbath start?


Hi all,

My husband and I try very hard to make the Sabbath special, no hard work, no shopping if we can avoid it, we have special family time, we go to church (obviously) and etc, but I really don’t know when the Sabbath starts. Do we start our observation at sundown Saturday night, or can we wait until Sunday morning? What do you do?

thanks and Bless you,


Hi Rivera,

For Catholics, the observance of the Sabbath (or Sunday) is from midnight to midnight on the Sunday. However, the Holy See now permits us to fulfil our Sunday obligation to attend the Eucharist starting on Saturday late afternoon.

If you wish to start your “Sabbath observances” on Saturday night, nothing prevents you from doing it. It is perfectlly in the spirit of the Church, which, on certain occasions, starts the celebration of a feast with First Vespers on the preceding day.



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