When does "turning the other cheek" change to being a doormat?

on a very personal level i’ve gotten very frustrated with members on one side of our family. long story short, i feel they con’t to take advantage of us by being late with rent but talk about us behind our backs to other family members. one SIL says, “let it go, say the Serenity prayer.” even if i were to have a heart to heart or blow up at these members they’d somehow paint themselves as victims and me the bad guy. i try to believe you get back 10 fold what you give but i feel we’ve given too much and gotten nothing in return. ie. the tank is running dry.

to the subject: when does “turning the other cheek” or “letting it go” change to “being a doormat”?

the 5th commandment, “Honor thy mother and father.” when you’ve gone above and beyond to honor them but it’s still not enough in their opinion?

thank you

The following links should provide you with some guidance in dealing with difficult family members. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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