When Does Watching A Movie Become a Sin

Hi you guys, I just wanted to ask about this topic. I’ve already tried to look up some answers to this question on the forums, but none of them really answered my question. So yeah, here’s my situation. Tonight we’re planning to go watch a comedy that’s rated PG-13. I’ve already tried to look up for reviews of the movie, but since it’s a Filipino movie, I didn’t really find that much information about it. I’ve seen a trailer on tv and it seems to promote the marriage of two people just to get the family’s inheritance, and I’am anticipating some use of profanity, but it probably won’t be as heavy, but other than that, I saw nothing else that was bad. In the past, it didn’t really came to mind that watching certain movies can be a sin, but now I’m aware of it I’m more reluctant to watch any type of movie because I don’t want to commit a sin against God.

 So here are my two main questions:

      1) Should I still go with my family and watch the movie?


      2) When Does Watching A Movie Become a Sin?

Certain pursuits may not unambiguously be sins, but you have to ask yourself two questions before investing time in any activity, if you believe that you are a true disciple of Christ.

  1. Does it help me grow in personal holiness? Will it help me get to Heaven?
  2. Does it glorify God?

If the answer to both of these questions is “no”, then why in the world are you wasting your time on these things? It’s a pretty simple test. It does not exclude secular activities, or enjoying yourself just for pleasure, or eating rich foods. But it helps as a litmus test to know when we are not spending our time focusing on holiness and glorification of God. And that is the whole point of life. To get to Heaven and give all glory to God who is our reason for being.


Since this is a family event you should go.

One of the things with movies I struggle with is that they do not encourage emotional chastity. catholicexchange.com/what-is-emotional-chastity

The *Pittsburgh Catholic * (newspaper) used to print a list of movies and their ratings from a Catholic perspective.

I don’t know if it still does, but there might be other resources that do this also.

Thanks to all of you guys who have contributed to answering my question, especially to Elizium23, I will keep those two criteria’s in mind. I’d also like to say that I totally agree with WarandPeace, that I should go since it is a family event, but I still can’t get rid of the feeling that maybe I shouldn’t go since I really don’t know anything about the movie and that if it does turn out to be an immoral movie then I would end up sinning against God.

You cannot sin accidentally. If you go in good faith to see a film and it becomes unexpectedly immoral and you cannot bear to watch, then exit the theater politely and wait outside. Never be afraid to exercise your option not to be subjected to sinful material. I will turn off the TV if it is causing me to sin and I will return movie discs unwatched if they are problematic.

I also suggest that you may be suffering from scrupulosity, and to seek professional help if you are encountering this crippling problem which can prevent people from leading a happy life. You will be in my prayers.

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