When doors shut, is it God?


As a longtime, homeschool mom, we very recently had three main extracurricular Catholic groups pulled out from under us, all under upsetting circumstances and all involving betrayals of trust. It is very strange how all this happened so quickly (one last spring, and two last week) under such similar circumstances.

None of the matters were criminal or abusive.

In addition, main ministry (teaching catechesis of the Good Shepherd) recently involved a very tense time between my co-catechist and myself in which she was very upset with me (due to a profound misunderstanding which I didn’t perceive until many problems ensued).

I am wondering if these problems are life happening in a coincidental manner or if God is separating my family (or me) for another reason?

I also wonder if this is part of my prayers for humility. There have definitely been humiliations.

Anyone have any insight?


Having no specific information on the circumstances involved with extracurricular activities, I can only speculate. But perhaps it is God using the every day life happenings to teach you humility?


You are asking us a question we can’t really answer or even guess at without the details.

Do you have someone you can talk to in detail about what has been happening. Perhaps a trusted priest or friend or spiritual advisor?


Personally I believe God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.
Trials are useless unless we learn from them and I think the greater the trials the greater the lesson and value to be found.

I’m sure that at exactly the right time other doors are opened. Our lives here are for our spiritual development and so can stress our flesh sometimes to the limits.
God bless.


The baptised (and the confirmed more deeply) are guided and assisted by the Holy Spirit. Your situation does need to be reflected on and spoken about in prayer. Ask for the humility to accept that you may have caused these events and be open to change IF that is was you hear. Alternatively God may be using you to proclaim a truth to those around you.


God is omnipotent but He also gives a lot of freedom. Not everything that happens if from Him or an attack from the devil. Sometimes we do it, we make decisions and the results are as such. To ask God to make someone else do something means for Him to inflict upon their own freedom. Unless it is useful and important in His eyes He will not do it and that’s it. All we can do is pray that IF the root is a misunderstanding that the twisted perception be removed. But if it is not, it is a clear disagreement then He most likely won’t intervene.


Coincidence is often profoundly meaningful. This is what synchronicity is all about. That said, it’s a good question as to who or what is pushing the buttons. You ask if it’s God doing it and I say maybe so, but I would offer that the real question is to ask what is the true nature of this thing that is pushing the buttons? Who is God really? I suspect that the answer is knowable and lies therein.

All the best!


Life happens.

Sometimes the things that hurt or upset us are caused by someone’s faults or sins, and God does indeed allow these things. Other times these upsetting moments are happening because people make choices that are neutral or even spiritually good for themselves, even though it causes us discomfort. And again, God allows these things.

As life happens, the one thing we can be assured of is that God uses these moments to strengthen us, to teach us to surrender and trust in Him, to help us grow in virtues (like humility and patience).

And if God allows your family to be separated from friends, family, or organizations, you can indeed trust that He is by your side, comforting, strengthening, and guiding you. He uses all of the moments of our lives for our good if we trust in His grace.

Pray. Make amends where necessary (forgiving or asking for forgiveness). Trust. Move forward.

God bless you!


First off, God is the one in control of everything. It’s the people who mess up, as with the groups you mentioned. I am sorry you are having difficulties with your ministry. I have seen problems with that in many parishes. Especially when there are just a limited number of people who volunteer and they get stuck in ruts and forget the valuable work they are doing and do not consider the souls under their care.

My insight for you would be to concentrate on the souls in your household (you said you were homeschooling) and the time for outside ministry would be when your nest is empty. Maybe the Lord wants you to focus.

Just my 2¢


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