When E.T. Phones the Pope


I’m sure there are many who pondered the question: If there is intelligent life on other planets, do they believe in God, and where does this leave Christ?

There may indeed beings on other planets capable of spiritual and moral life comparable to our own, but we do not know that yet.

Therefore, it’s useless to speculate about God’s plan for them.

I have a hard enough time trying to follow His plan for MY life. I don’t have energy left over to worry about the spiritual fate of people who may not exist.

[quote=]Davies explained the tensions within the Catholic Church: “If you look back at the history of Christian debate on this, it divides into two camps. There are those that believe that it is human destiny to bring salvation to the aliens, and those who believe in multiple incarnations,” he said, referencing the belief that Christ could have appeared on other planets at other times. “The multiple incarnations is a heresy in Catholicism.”

Never heard about this before… I mean I’ve always imagined IF there are other planets like ours with people like us, God would want to save them as much as us… so that might correlate to Jesus coming to them too.

But then He only did die for our sins ONCE… So perhaps if there’s other planets out there, they had angels come to them and tell them about Jesus dying for their sins. So perhaps then one day they’ll land here, look the same as us, and look us in the eye and say, We’ve been looking for your planet for thousands of years. This is where our Savior died for our sins!

Just a thought. How great would that be?:smiley:

ROME – A little more than a half-mile from the Vatican, in a square called Campo de’ Fiori, stands a large statue of a brooding monk. Few of the shoppers and tourists wandering through the fruit-and-vegetable market below may know his story; he is Giordano Bruno, a Renaissance philosopher, writer and free-thinker who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in 1600. Among his many heresies was his belief in a “plurality of worlds” – in extraterrestrial life, in aliens.

Let’s get this cat out of the book: You can’t hold heretical beliefs if your beliefs do not deny a saving truth which is taught by the Catholic Church, if you are not baptized, or if you have changed your mind on said beliefs. Heresy is the continued, stubborn denial of a saving truth by a Christian after repeated corrections and instruction. A saving truth would be, for example, the truth of God’s existence, the truth of the Holy Trinity, and the truth of the Redemption of man.

The common assumption man makes, is that they believe other intelligent life exists in the Universe based on the sheer vastness…it’s always expressed with near certainty…whenever one is asked.

I’m actually quite puzzled why not enough people don’t even fancy the opposite of that conventional wisdom.
Maybe I’m egotistical, but I believe it’s pretty cool, if we’re all alone (material wise) in this sea of Space… I think that’s actually more appealing to me that we find out that we’re all alone. I can imagine the feeling is like when you go into a Movie Theatre and no one else shows up…

Or when you go on vacation to a Hotel Resort in Hawaii and you catch the week when no one’s there and you have the whole pool to yourselves…

Aliens are of no consequence to me, I want to be selfish and have the whole universe to ourselves…more leg room… More space to put our things.

You’re presuming the intelligent beings on other worlds had actually sinned.

I believe that has been raised as a theological possibility…I might be wrong, though, but I had read once that it is possible that beings on other worlds had not experienced the Fall of Adam.

True maybe, if the RCC is right, the aliens stay away from Earth because they do not want to catch sin.

What if the aliens turn out to be Pagans or Buddhists or Hindus or Jews or Muslims?

That’s an interesting thought…and the basis of a Christian-Science Fiction novel I’m in the middle of writing.

I don’t know how they could have anyway. If beings on other worlds had actually been created before humans on this planet, and had never sinned on their worlds, then why would a just and merciful God subject them to the repercussions of the Fall of Adam - an event which occurred multiple light years away from their home worlds? I’ve heard that ALL of creation was affected by the Fall, but does the creation referenced extend to worlds in other galaxies?

Well, I don’t know about the idea of “catching sin”. Sinning involves free choice - not mere exposure to a sinful environment.

And if the aliens were to turn out to be pagan or some other religion, then it would indicate they had indeed rebelled against God. As such, I doubt their level of technology would have advanced to a point where they were capable of interstellar travel - much like our level of technology isn’t advanced enough to permit us to do that.

I actually have different theories about intelligent life on other worlds. I think it’s highly likely that such life DOES indeed exist, and I see nothing in the Bible which would discredit that. The universe is simply far too huge for us to be the only planet with intelligent life. That would be an arrogant position to take, and it seems like a huge waste of space. I also don’t think I could understand why God wouldn’t want to create multiple worlds where He had other children. That being said, I’m not automatically inclined to believe that beings from other world have visited us. It’s possible, I suppose, but not a certainty. If that intelligent life exists elsewhere, and they have not sinned, I’m not so inclined to believe they would automatically feel the need to travel to other worlds, unless it was out of sheer curiosity. But then I also consider that maybe they wouldn’t need starships to do it. If they had spiritual/physical bodies, much like our risen Lord, they could probably go where they wanted without the aid of physical vehicles. Who knows?

At the same time, I consider that perhaps UFOs could be vehicles of deception utilized by the enemy. Or perhaps they could be the means by which angels travel to visit us. But then, much like the intelligent beings of other worlds who perhaps had spirit/physical bodies, why would they need starships either? Lots of questions…few answers…much speculation. :shrug:

I think God is trying to reveal something to me about this subject. It’s been just jumping in my face so much lately. I’m posting so I can come back to this later.

It’s a beautiful thaught. But they probably hate Jesus and our God because they’re P.O.ed ancient assyrian “gods” that we no longer worship. They probably want to be called god. I just watched The Fourth Kind last weekend, and the alien said “I AM GOD. MY WILL WILL BE ENFORCED.” The Fourth Kind is like a documentory dramitization. They show real footage. And I can’t sleep now. (Pray for me.) They created the nephilim you can read about in your Bibles that God destroyed with the flood. And, by the way, they probably live on earth. (under the ocean) Not only has there been reports of UFO’s but also USO’s. (unidentified submerged objects.) I feel crazy for believing these things, but…:shrug:
There are documentories.


Oh come on, that’s not fair. Don’t tease us by telling us God is trying to reveal something to you, and then not tell us what it is. :smiley:

This is the type of subject matter you would hear on COAST TO COAST RADIO.

I personally would feel very lonely if we were the only ones in this universe, just review the vast size of the universe consider there are BILLIONS of galaxies and 15 billion light years of space and more to cover. That’s a lot of room. It would be a statistical miracle if we were alone. However since intelligent life is rare per square light year I think it is understandable why we haven’t made contact yet. However it’s actually doubtful a few centuries more will pass by without contact if not near the end of this century. I personally think we will make some outstanding discovery (may not be contact) but something this century.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were already here knowing our government :wink:

And that’s the rub when you consider where the Earth is in our galaxy. We live on a rock in a remote solar system containing two enormous asteroid belts and completely enveloped by a spherical cloud of trillions of comets stretching over a distance of 6 trillion miles (a little over 1 light year!). Can you imagine how difficult it would be just to navigate through that? And how could any vessel survive the distance? Some scientists sensationalize the idea of being able to bend space around a spaceship as a mode of travel but the reality is that it is impossible to survive unless someone or something manages to plot the position and course of every grain of dust and debris in space. A single paint chip in earth’s orbit can decimate a satellite. Imagine what would happen to a spaceship if an comet slammed into it faster than the speed of light.

A lot of alien enthusiasts love to say that the universe is so vast that intelligent life must exist elsewhere but few ever want to admit to the fact that the universe is so vast that the odds of any other intelligent life knowing that we exist and/or finding us are overwhelmingly stacked against us. Even so, many of the same theological questions would remain even if all we find is bacteria instead of little green men.

I try not to limit God’s imagination. Angels are aliens if we define aliens as a people who are not from earth (earth born, earth evolved, earth created, etc.), or intelligent life that is not human.
I believe they are superior in intelligence and power, and unlike humans who need crafts to ride in (aircraft, spacecraft, groundcraft, etc.), angels are so alien that they don’t need crafts to ride in (No I don’t believe that aliens are visiting us in UFOs).
I believe angels had their own choice to fall or not before human history, to be for God or against God, and this choice is instantaneous like energy choosing to be positive or negative.
I do not believe the Hollywood standpoint of humans becoming angels (I always hated that concept), but that angels are truly alien. We only perceive angels as humanoid, but in truth I don’t believe angels are humanoid.
When people say that it is mathematically improbable that we are the only intelligent creatures in existence, I say amen. I believe this precedence in this case.
As For Jesus, sin, and aliens on another planet. Well…I will cross that river when it comes.
Just my humble opinion.

Before you ask I enjoyed Peter Kreeft’s book “Angels and Demons”, and I look forward to reading more on this thread. :smiley:

Valid points, yes. But I also tend to consider that an intelligent race of beings could hold a level of technological expertise that we haven’t attained yet, and thus they would more than likely have the technology to deflect those “interstellar obstacles” out of the way. After all, imagine traveling several thousands of years into the past, and interacting with the people of ancient Israel. Suppose we told them we had the ability to transmit “people” through the air in such a way as to make them appear in small boxes miles away. They wouldn’t be able to conceive of the technology behind television, not to mention the harnessing of “lightning” (electricity) we utilize to power all our modern marvels. It’s technology they simply can’t grasp, because they don’t have the accumulated knowledge we’ve gained over the years. Same principle could apply to intelligent beings on other worlds having the technology to zip through space, avoiding collisions with interstellar debris. Think Star Trek and the deflector systems on the Enterprise.

The ‘asteroid’ belts are actually pretty much empty space for practical purposes as is the ‘oort cloud’ the conception of asteriod belts a la the Empire Strikes back with the Millenium falcon rushing through a crowded area of boulders in space is sadly inconsistent with reality.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistingushable from magic though to borrow from Arthur C. Clarke.

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