When faith and hope fail


The psalm part is fine. Just be careful about implying people need to move on too quickly from their grief. That can cause a lot of damage.

I’m sorry about your mum and dad. I have lost my parents too, it’s rough.


O and this was my baby:



She was a beautiful kitty and I’m sure you gave her a happy home. You were lucky to have each other. Perhaps at some point, when the grief has subsided, you can open your heart to another cat. There are so many in need of loving homes.


Pray to be restored. Pray for discernment. Pray to understand God’s will. Pray to be both an understanding friend and for friends to understand how to get you to understand.

I adored my cat too. There are special times you have with your cat.


I adored my cat Bob. He was killed by a coyote, and this was over 20 years ago. He was on my mind a few weeks ago and was really thinking about him. I had a lovely dream and in the dream he was healthy looking and friendly, as he always was, I seem to have dreams that are infused with an emotional message conveying good feelings to me about the people and in this case an animal, to me.
The photo of your cat says a lot about the kind of companion you must have had. She looks like a really nice and lovely little cat. I am sorry for your loss! Maybe in time another special cat can come into your life.


This is something to focus on, I think. It’s helped me when I’ve lost pets. Think about how many cats live on the streets without shelter or enough to eat, or who live with neglectful, abusive owners. All the cats with chronic medical conditions who physically suffer with owners who can’t or won’t treat them.

Now that you’ve depressed yourself, remember that all that was completely foreign to your cat. Instead, she had a life with people who loved her, who cared for her, and who made sure she had plenty to eat and a warm, comfy place to nap. As far as cats go, your cat pulled some pretty good cards. Yes, she’s gone now, and that sucks, but you can take comfort in the fact that you gave her a happy life and spared her from a lot of misery and deprivation. She had a good life. It had to end at some point, but this is a happy story, not a sad one. Your cat’s time on Earth was good.


We must trust in God. And we must pray.


Beautiful creature!! God amazes me when I look at the wonder of the animals.

I hope you can soon find the heart to give another cat a “forever home”. So many need a loving place.


+1 So true.


I found a kitten who’s part siamese… And get this: her mother’s name was Sky! Lol


What a beautiful kitty! So happy to see one going to a nice home. Kitten season is always so tough on the shelters and rescues.


We have had to see many dear pets laid to rest. It was harder than losing either of my parents. I still cry when I visit the little cemetery we created for them at my inlaws’ farm. Love and blessings to you.


I think the uncertainty factor can sometimes make the loss of a beloved pet more difficult in some ways. Catholic teaching is very clear on what happens to my deceased parents, husband, aunts/ uncles, other relatives after death. I can also pray for them.

With the animal, Catholic teaching is not as clear, and they also cannot benefit from prayers as they don’t go to Purgatory because they cannot sin (that much is clear). The only prayer you can make is one of trust in God to do what is best. It requires a high level of trust in God.

Most “animal people” also run into some flak at some point from others who are not “animal people” and don’t think of it as a big loss or think you can just go get another one. Fortunately with the rise of the internet, you can generally find a sympathetic group who will offer the appropriate condolences. I am in a dog group, rabbit group and several cat groups and I spend a good deal of my social media time leaving condolence posts because I know how hard it can be in RL to find someone who understands. I have also had the unpleasant experience of coworkers laughing at my grief when a pet died many decades ago.


Certainly the opposite of what you did.
I know the OP is now suspended for good, but I had to say it.


No, you didn’t. That Op was human, frail, and one who struggled with circumstances I wouldn’t want to know how to deal with. I’m sorry they are gone and might never know how they are doing. I will continue to pray for them and hope God, in his infinite mercies, will gather in his lost sheep.


If you say so.
I said it here because when I arrived his topic attacking the Church was already closed.

I’m not going against him, I was able to read his problems and I know they were many, but the solution to his situation certainly won’t come after posing grave and/or repetitive attacks against the Church. I too hope that he will realise his mistake and return, but I certainly don’t support what he’s doing.


I think everyone should just pray for the OP. I will have a Mass said for him. Hopefully the Holy Spirit will reach out to him. He has a great many struggles.


One of the best parts of my job in a hospital lab was coworkers that completely understood the loss of a pet! We would cover for each other to have a day or two off and all would share in the mourning for our loss. It was one of the best things about the job!


Awesome! Blessed twice it seems! Very happy for you:cat:

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