When family is sick & Going to Mass

People in my family seem tk be catching a bug–they feel awful and have fevers (not really high).

My understanding is that with a lot of these things one is contagious *before *one gets sick, so should I not go to Mass and risk getting others sick, esp considering the church is filled with older people (70+).


Since today is Thursday, why don’t you wait until Sunday when you will know better if you are coming down with something?

Kay Cee,
Because tomorrow (Friday) is a Holy Day of Obligation :slight_smile:

You should go if you yourself aren’t sick. There’s no exemption for you otherwise.

My opinion is that it is an act of charity to stay home if you have a reasonable expectation of being in the beginning stages of and/or a possibility of contracting a contagious illness.

If there is a really early Mass, it will probably be empty enough that you wouldn’t have to stand too near people. I’ve done that before when I wasn’t sure whether I was sick. Or you could go and stand in the narthex/lobby, if you can hear the Mass from there.

I don’t think anyone on CAF has the authority to say it’s OK for you to miss Mass when there might not be anything wrong with you. :slight_smile: That’s not to say it’s not OK, just we can’t tell you that. If there is an evening Mass tomorrow, you could call the church during the day and ask them about it, and if they say you should go, you could still go in the evening.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile: Those of us who are well were planning to go, but when the second sick person said they had a fever, I started ti wonder…

If a person is caring for sick family members, such as children who cannot be left alone, there is an exemption.

Oh, yes, that’s true, but not a consideration here :slight_smile: I was just worried about the contagious aspect, my inadvertantly passing this along.

Oh, sorry. It’s not in my diocese.

I figured that was the situation :slight_smile:

I thought that holy days were one of the things that were determined by the national conference, not each bishop (except, as a special case, whether to transfer the Ascension to Sunday or not). I could be wrong.

Regardless, if you are in the diocese of San Bernardino, it is a holy day of obligation–at least, it says so on the diocese’s facebook page (facebook.com/sanbernardinodiocese), which I was able to see without logging into facebook (which is good because I refuse to get a facebook account :slight_smile: ).


My general rule of thumb is: if you have a fever, flu, anything that is contagious- stay home.

You think you are developing a bug but you are well enough to go to mass- please abstain from the wine.

You are no longer contagious but you are just getting off whatever you have- please abstain from the wine.

I say this because people have different immune systems and it is best to protect them from whatever you have.

The exception to the rule of abstaining from the wine would be if you had a health condition that wasn’t transmittable through the saliva or sharing the same cup.

There are times when we need to show our love to our brothers and sisters and the way we do this is by being practical.


It would appear that it is indeed in the diocese of San Bernadino.

Hope you made it to mass!:eek:

This year All saints day is abrogated. And the Ascension was moved in most diocese because it fell on a Saturday. Actually I am unaware of any diocese that has moved this feast.:shrug: Do you have something that says otherwise. Too bad any of them are moved because then we end up with all this confusion.

How does the feast of the Ascension ever fall on a Saturday? It is either celebrated on its traditional day, 40 days after Easter, which is always a Thursday, or it is moved by the Bishop of a diocese to Sunday.

Thurs, Sat, its all the same.:wink: I don’t know where I got Saturday from…

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