When family stops reading Bible


My family has stopped reading the Bible because one member does not want to read the Bible anymore. It’s not me, btw.

Please advise. Thanks!

Reading the Bible as a family is not required. Different devotionals are appealing to us at different times. You are growing up. It’s time you found your own ways to grow your faith.


Why can’t the other family members continue to read the Bible without the one who wants to stop?


That’s it! When one person in my family does something, the rest follows suit.

But I am the odd one out. And it’s getting me into all sorts of trouble.

What trouble are you in for reading the Bible?

Perhaps you are pushing the issue in a way that is seen as rude in your culture and not simply listening.

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Just read the Bible. Don’t speak about it. At least, not at home and not right away. I don’t see how you can go wrong, that way.

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