When fundamentalists sound "Catholic" :)

My wife was sent this link by a Baptist friend of hers. I highly recommend everyone watch it. He is the epitome of Archbishop Fulten Sheen’s comment that, while many hate what they wrongly believe the Catholic Church to be, very few actually hate the Catholic Church.


(37 minutes running time)

I’ll be giving a more detailed response ot my wife’s friend, but for you guys, you’ll notice that up to 8:41-ish, then 9:09-10:30, 10:48-ish, 12:21-14:33, 16:43-ish, 19:45-ish…he basically gives, unwittingly, the Catholic doctrines of “Mary, Mother of God” and “Mary, the Arc of the New Covenant”.

At 8:41-ish and around 10:48 he remarks how Catholics go too far and “worship” Mary. I wish he would give the pertinent Catholic doctrine that leads him to this conclusion. Other than those remarks, this sermon could easily have come from a Catholic pulpit (excepting a few remark about the Second Coming and when a person is “saved” or “born again”).

At 25:27 and 29:48, he mentions, heavily, that Christ is the King. “Christ the King”. It’s such a great opportunity for Catholics to take this preacher’s own words and ask, “what do you think that means in relation to Mt 16:18-19 where Christ, the King, hands Peter the kings to the Kingdom?” In light of “Christ the King”, it MUST be seen in light of Is 22:22…the King granting an earthly stewardship upon Peter.

From 34:00-35:30, I simply fall in love with his in-depth look at the true depth of Christ’s sacrifice for us. He took on human flesh, for eternity, for our sake. The wounds in His hands will be there for ever. :slight_smile:

I give you kudos for thinking about this.
I’m just worried that you may inadvertently be giving some not so well grounded in the catholic faith a resource they were never aware of before a place to get hooked into.

To all who read this thread and are not so well grounded in the faith, don’t use this guy’s website as a resource. Just know that MANY non-Catholics, while decrying the Catholic Church, will inadvertently be preaching messages that are surprisingly “Catholic”. On the topic of Mary, this guy does exactly that. (I didn’t listen to any of his other sermons, and I don’t intend to. )

Here’s a thought: he says Catholics “worship” Mary, “raising her to the level of the Godhead”, yet he gives NO examples or explanations of why he believes that. But he ALSO says that all Christians SHOULD honor Mary as being blessed in a more profound way than any human being in the world…giving her own flesh to God, by God’s grace.

So, how might Christians go about honoring Mary like he says we should? I have a feeling that if you asked him, he would give an answer that is beneath the honor that he said she should receive, or is a very Catholic one.

Right, Mary is the Mother of God, and Jesus is the fruit of her womb… That means we should recognize the beauty of Mary and how God knew she was the one who would be the mother of Jesus Christ. She is highly favored… We don’t worship her, but we highly favor her as the Mother of Our Lord… There was no need to make any comment to the contrary that we worship Mary but we give Mary the due honor She deserves and don’t take away from that. He would have been better not to say that about Catholics.

She is called blessed… This man still hasn’t gone far enough to understand that Mary is the Mother of Christians… For spiritually we are a family of God with Mary as our Mother because she is the Mother of Our Lord who is our brother…Mary is never called Sister by Jesus, even when He calls those who do the will of the Father His brother or sister… He adds His mother because Mary will always be Jesus Mother and our Mother, the New Eve…

Matthew 12:50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother."

Anyway I appreciate this man going further into the scriptures to understand Mary and the role God has for her than other non-Catholics do. I firmly believe the problem is not that Catholics honor Mary too much but that protestants honor Mary too little. Mary is blessed among woman that means ALL women including Eve who was born without sin… Why is this concept so hard for people to recognize… JESUS is the fruit of Mary’s womb… That means she is pure and holy as Jesus is pure and holy… A sinless man could not come from a woman of born of sin… God saved and protected her from sin before she was born. God can do this, is there anything that is impossible for God??

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