When God called me to Catholicism

Hello all, this is my personal testament on how God has called me to the church. I hope through it you can find some inspiration, some meaning, or just enjoy the miracle of how God moves in our lives.

For starters, I didn’t want to be Catholic. I was raised in a Protestant household but left that pretty early on. For the past seven years I’ve been an active and avid member of the local Zen Buddhist communities, even going so far as to go to seminary to be a Buddhist chaplain before I ran out of money and went back to work.

It all started with a vision of divine light. I was sitting on my bed and I had actually taken quite a bit of magic mushrooms. Was seeing trippy stuff when all of the sudden a single ray of pure, beautiful, indescrible light cut straight through all my hallucinations. It only lasted for a moment but it was so pure and unlike anything I’d ever seen. This opened me up to the spirit in a way I hadn’t been for years, and was the start of my seeking for something more.

Eight or nine months go by, me still a Buddhist and happily living as such. I was reading church doctrine on the side, as a intellectual exercise and for my own curiosity. Then one night I had a dream. In this dream I was standing in a massive, wooden church in the central aisle. At the altar was Padre Pio, dressed in his garb for mass. He makes the sign of the cross over me and says;
“May your life be unceasing prayer”
Then we both turn to the monstrance and the Eucharist inside. It glows brighter and brighter until its blinding. I wake up feeling like my body is on fire and sweating from every pore at 2 am. The dream was more real and vivid than any I’d had before. I knew then that God had finally broken through my ego and gotten my attention.

I have tried to live as Padre Pio told me, to be honest my life has never been better. Since beginning again with renewed faith in God and an improved prayer life I can honestly say that I feel amazing. I feel God more tangibly in my life than ever before and I thank the lord for never giving up on me every day.

Thank you for reading, if you still are, and God bless.


Yes a calling to religious or spiritual life is differen for everyone.

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I just love hearing conversion stories. How one walks with grace upon grace. Grace builds on nature and when one responds to grace another is right there waiting for you to embrace. Keep up your journey.

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Congratulations! And, welcome!

Wonderful story. Thanks for telling what has happened to you.

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