When GOD is silent.

Often I have had prayers for specific things over the years but the 2 most important ones since I have been a child has remained unanswered (no not for spouse). My most immediate need has been for some financial relief. I pray my heart out but GOD only sends me more debt. Last night I was driving home and my car gave out on the way to job 2. I had to have a battery and alternator replaceed a month before it was water pump. Before that I had a few car accidents which have made car insurance a financial burden since they have raised it so much. I was already very much in debt because of a money pit house I bought. It’s been a never ending flow of increasing expenses. My fear is being homeless in a few years. My current boss will likely retire soon at my main job and job 2 is always iffy at best. My expenses continue to increase while my finances shrink. I looked for a third and four job but no one will hire me while I already have 2. God has been silent through all this. I have reduced what I can and refinanced my cards into one payment at a lower interest rate but other surprise expenses keep making my hole deeper. I’m at a loss what to do anymore. There are health issues involved as well. Trying not to whine but this week I’ve just felt like giving up for every saving or bill I pay 2 or three more crop up. I’m not buying anything or going on trips. I

We’ve had some scary times in our home too with our finances.

Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey’s “four walls”? I don’t know what your level of financial knowledge is but I have found this very comforting. The four big needs are food, shelter, clothing, and transportation. The rest comes afterwards.

If you have collectors bothering you, DR also has lots of advice on how to deal with them.

With your minimal income, do you qualify for assistance of any kind? If your parish has a social services office you can start there or look at the local food pantry. My thought is that if you *don’t *qualify because your income is too high there’s probably some shuffling around that could be done, but it’s hard to see when you’re in it. If you do qualify but aren’t using it, then that could be some much needed relief.

You can only do what you can do. I will be praying for relief and for your peace.

People often say that God is silent.
But I wonder…(just wonder, mind you) do we really “hear” God or do we push aside what His answer may be at any given time?
Sometimes we are so bent on the outcome we’re seeking that we can’t fathom a different way.
I’m praying for you.

I have experienced this a lot lately. I’m going through some really really difficult times in my life, have been for several years. No matter what I say in prayer, or offering up my sufferings for much needed intentions I get nothing. In fact, sometimes something to further add more burdens to my load occurs. It’s so hard to maintain faith and hope when everything keeps going wrong or prayers go unanswered.

I don’t have any solutions, but just wanted to let you know you are not alone. :console: :hug3:

Rest assured that even if prayers go unanswered or God remains silent for the rest of your earthly life that there is hope that all will make sense in the next life and like Lazarus we will be eternally consoled. :slight_smile:

A hard time, but God does not send you debt… any more then He has meted out the huge drop in my pension due to Brexit… and I mean HUGE. Stunned me.

These things happen and it is for us to find ways to sort them … Just stay calm and trust.

Forgive my puzzlement as I had never thought of prayer in this way.

Do you mean you expect God to send you what? Money?

My UK pension has just taken a huge wallop because of Brexit, but I never thought of praying for more… did wonder if if might be made up here…

And your last para makes me sad.

Yes months ago I trusted my need for a move to God. BUT I have cooperated by doing a huge amount of spadework and that is part of the reason it is sorting.

God is never silent; He pours His strength and His love into us

The last few years have a been a continual sliding into debt. I sold the house I had because of the financial landmine it turned out to be (over 10K in repairs the first year I had it) a large part of my debt is left over from that. Then I moved to an apartment where the landlord wouldn’t make plumbing repairs and I had an infestion of ants so bad event my landlord admitted my bathroom wasn’t usable it too 2 certified letters and me sitting in their office every lunch hour for 2 weeks for them to finally take care of it. Needles to say I moved the pool next door was leaking into my basement and I lost all my stuff in storage as well there was always a puddle of water in my garage from the leaking pool. The landlord I latter learned had a bad reputation. My current apartment is great and much lower rent but I had 2 minor accidents last year one on Christmas eve and one in June so my insurance is now like $3,000 a year. I got quotes from other companies then they refuse to cover met when they fine out I’ve had accidents which I already told them upfront. So any savings I had with moving is gone but if I can’t drive I can’t get to my jobs and pay my bills I’m sort of stuff and my debt payments are soo high they take most of my income when included with rent. So I don’t qualify for any help because my income is too high but it all goes to debt. I work 2 jobs and am willing to work 3 or 4 but no one will hire someone with 2 jobs already. I’m not expecting God to send me money just a little break from having to acquire more debt or pay out on emergency care repairs. At least that’s what I’ve been praying for. I need medical treatment but can’t afford to have it don’t because I have no money to pay for it for example. The car I have no choice since I can’t get to work without it where I live.

I’m sorry. I’m sure this is really anxious living for you.

But really, this is part of the reason I linked the “four walls” thing. Your income should not all be going to debt. Cover your basic expenses first, and then if the collectors have to wait, they have to wait. That’s just life. Keep your utilities on and your car running, keep a roof over your head and basic food on the table. The rest will get paid when it gets paid. That doesn’t mean spend like crazy, as you know, but this is survival mode.

Depending on how long you’ve had certain debts, they may settle for less. Call up one of the creditors and say, “I can’t pay you this minimum per month, but I can pay this, and that’s what I’ll send.” Most people would take some money over no money. Creditors know sometimes they’re going to have to eat some of their “investment” by lending out money. I’ll admit to being a fan of Dave Ramsey, but really, he has a lot of stuff on **exactly **this. I think you would find it very helpful and empowering, rather than feeling super stuck and like this is a hopeless situation.

I will continue praying for you. You can do it. :thumbsup:

Thanks I will look up that Dave guy.

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