When God's will is contradictory to ours

All of us know that we MUST follow God’s plan. But sometimes it is rather hard to accept it, especially when it is exactly opposite to our intention.

I have a friend who is eager to enter a medical school. Being a physician has always been his dream, since he thinks that this is the way he can fulfill his Catholic faith - of course, being a doctor also means financial stability and social prestige, but his primary concern, I can see, is still the fulfillment of Catholic faith.

However, he did not receive any interview for medical courses and felt down. He called me but I didn’t know how to answer.

Actually, I feel bad for my friend. He is a diligent and responsible guy and in the past topped the class. I really feel his passion for a medical career. Moreover, his family is in financial plight, which further adds to his earnest wish to be a doctor and have a stable income.

My friend has been admitted for a Master degree in Biochemistry, but he still wants Medicine.

So, how to respond to my friend? How to discern God’s plan? How to imitate Our Mother Mary’s humility?

He still has other options that will allow him to eventually become a doctor. He can study or work for a year, retake the MCATS and reapply. He can apply to other schools. He could consider starting medical school in another country and then transfering. He could consider a similar field (veterinary science, public health, etc).

If he’s eager to have a stable income, going the doctor route may not be the quickest or best way there. We’re talking four more years of schooling and then several more yars of residency before he starts raking in the big money. That’s if he chooses a specialization that pays well. And he’ll likely have loans to pay off as well. Honestly, getting a well-paid biochemistry job in the meantime, either to save up for medical school or to help with his family situation, might be a huge blessing in disguise.

And it may very well be that God DOES will him to become a doctor. His not getting into medical school is no indication that God does not will this, just as it is possible that someone might have been accepted to medical school but still should no go.

Of course we cannot know what will be the best specific response…but I would suggest something along the lines of…
Medicine is a wonderful vocation of service and certainly being an MD is a laudable goal…However God knows best and there are many ways in which a person can be of service to others in medicine without being an MD. Nursing could be one option. Therapy another option.

Another possibility in this is that God is wishing to teach him patience, humility and perseverance. You said that he always was at the top of his classes…Well medical School is another beast altogether…Perhaps God sees that his ego needs to be brought down a bit - his humility built up. Perhaps God sees something lacking in his spiritual maturity that needs to be tempered with trial…

Perhaps your friend just needs to keep praying on the matter…with the emphasis more on asking what God wants for him rather than what he wants from God.

Just some thoughts…


We need to have faith in God.

If a man’s will conflicts with God’s will, the man probably needs to improve his prayer life and receive more frequent Sacraments.

It might be just me, but I don’t like the wording of this thread title. Since we should conform our will to that of God’s. Many times it’s hard for us to understand what is God’s will for us, or we may feel He didn’t answer us the way we like. We must trust in God and understand He does things in His time and if what we want is good for us, it will happen in time.

When God’s will is contradictory to ours…
No more like when our will is contrary to GODS will

Maybe he is still being called to medicine: Biochemists, microbiologists, biomedical engineers, radiation scientists, and biologists are necessary in medical research. He might eventually be involved in the discovery of some new treatment that helps millions, instead of merely thousands, as he would in clinical practice as an MD. God might very well want him involved in that instead of clinical practice. Your friend might be too crushed right now to think outside the box a little, but he may very well be being called to a career in the medical sciences.

“Medicine” is a very broad field. There’s a lot more to it than just “doctoring,” although that’s what the public thinks of initially. But if it weren’t for research in the biomedical sciences, we’d still be thinking in terms of the spontaneous growth theory and wouldn’t even recognize that microbes and viruses cause disease. Physicians wouldn’t have much in their arsenal of treatment if it weren’t for research in the causes and cures of diseases. Think of the advances in medicine and surgery in the past ten years. Your friend might be being called to something very exciting.

I now live near Buffalo, NY, and there is a new complex in downtown Buffalo called the “medical corridor.” It does some clinical work, but the majority of its impact is on the scientific and research aspect of medicine.

Your friend may want to consider advanced practice nursing. Income is adequate, work is really satisfying in that rather than being more limited to diagnostics and treatment, the whole area of patient counseling is addressed. There are a number of specialty fields: Adult practice, pediatric, mother child/midwifery, geriatric and psychiatric. There are other specialties I am sure. In addition, Having the nursing credential can often open the door to medical school. Perhaps your friend needs to re examine what he really wants.

No need to get discouraged at this point. the route to medical school is often not direct! Also consider Osteopathic medicine. Osteopaths are very similar to MD’s and again, are somewhat more patient-centered.

Trust in divine Providence. In every circumstance, God will only permit to happen what is best for your/ your friend’s soul. Ask Mary for her heart and dispositions, especially for her humility and for her confidence in God. BTW, it is our wills that contradict God’s, not the other way around.:slight_smile:

My brother wanted to be a doctor, but the doctors he talked to hated their jobs and told him to become a Chiropractor. The pay is decent, less student loans, and the hours are better. He’s less than 6 months from graduating. Your friend can transfer his biochem degree and do the remaining 4 years of chiropractic school.

Anyway, God’s will is always right.

Yes, always. And sometimes He’s not saying “no”. He’s saying, “Not now.” .:slight_smile:

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