When going to confession do you

Would it be nececery if you confessed something which was a sin but also illegal would you need to confess the sin AND breaking the law and if you do something against your parents will and which was also a sin in and of itself would you need to confess dishonouring parents aswell as actually the sin itself

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You confess what you did that was sinful. Anything illegal is sinful by default unless the law violates a precept of your faith.


The priest would guide you in all of these matters.

If you actually have something of this nature to confess, go to confession and discuss with the priest. A priest who becomes aware that you did something illegal would tell you to not break the law again. If it is something that can be reported to law enforcement or to the wronged person, then the priest would also likely guide you to report yourself and make any necessary amends.

If you do not actually have something of this nature to confess, it’s pointless to sit around developing hypotheticals, since the course of action would depend on the actual situation and the guidance of your priest.

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You would need to confess everything and the priest will guide you through what you need to do. If this is hypothetical question it would be hard to answer because each persons situation would be different. God bless

Confess the sins you are sure of. Explain to the priest other things you think could be sins. If he had questions, he will ask.

If the human law (or parental command) has the same motivation as the natural or divine law (e.g. theft is illegal for the same reason that it is morally wrong), then the species of the sin is unchanged (assuming that the original sin was grave matter on its own). Still, unless you’re scrupulous, it would probably be good to specify.

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Confess it all. Your priest will guide you.

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By the way - you have to be willing - to actually give that sin - up.
You can’t continue in it. Not purposefully.
Confess - and fine tune yourself -
Don’t - be lazy
Don’t - put off improving whom God wants you to be.
Break free !


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