When have you ever witness that God answered your prayers?


Does anybody want to share their stories of how you prayed for a miracle or you felt that God saved your life.
Mine starts a few years ago. I dropped out of college and I started hanging with a group of friends that I use to work with. Everyday or almost everynight i would hang out with them. Smoke and playing cards at night till 1am. I never had a moments peace to myself. And at the time I stopped going to church and stopped praying. One day i just started praying to God to forgive me for not worshipping him and I asked am I hanging around the right crowd. Are they truly my friends? Well the next 5 days went by and i was having a good time hanging out with these people and we were leaving because they thought the house was haunted but i thought they were nuts because i never felt anything. So as we were leaving one the guys hit my car and the guy told me he couldn’t afford to let his insurance pay becuz his car insurance would go up. So they tried to get me to lie to my parents about their car getting hit in a parking lot. Well in the end they stopped talking to me.


Well in September 2005 was diagnosed with a 7cm x 8cm cancerous tumor in the lymph nodes in my back, which also had interfered with the tubes of my right kidney which had become swollen and was dying. The aim of those in medicine was either shrink it and leave it with continuous medical checkups or if they could not shrink it to operate and remove it. There was no third option.

After 3 months of chemo when they went back to look there was nothing there. Not even scar tissue and tests also showed that the kidney had returned to 110% of original function!

Now. You decide! :wink:


Hi “PA”. I witnessed an answer to a very old prayer of petition… just this past Easter.

My sister, who had been away from the Church since 1979… returned to the practice of our Holy Catholic faith. And now, I listen to her… with joy, as she rediscovers the treasures of the Church.

Praise God! For His Mercy is neverending. :heart: :gopray2: :heart:

Great topic, thanks!


When I was pregnant with my second, I started bleeded quite a lot around 12 weeks. I was told I had complete placenta previa, and it was likely I would miscarry within the week. Two ultrasounds at later stages of the pregnancy confirmed the complete previa, and I was scheduled to have a C section at 38 weeks, since if I went into labor naturally, the baby would die, since the placenta would be delivered first. So about 37 weeks, I had an ultrasound again to determine the exact location so they could get the incision figured out. The placenta had moved…not just a little, but completely up to the top of the uterus. I delivered vaginally on his due date! He just turned 16 years old. I figure God must have great things planned for him! (he is a great kid, a straight A student, funny, kind, sweet, and everyone who meets him loves him).


God has answered many of my prayers, but the most recent evidence is in the tiny heart beating within my womb! :smiley:


About 10 months ago, I was in a bad position, with the “friends” I was hanging out with. Though I had already converted at that time, my “friends” were less than thrilled at the idea of me even attending Church, much less a Catholic Church. At the same time, a guy I knew, but had lost contact with a couple years ago, was on his way back into the Church, but was very scared since he had a 5 year absence, and had yet to return. Literally at the same time, we were both praying, me for wholesome friends (while I was walking), and him for moral support to get back into Church (in his front yard).

Now, I had walked by his house several times and had never stopped for more than a “hi” here an there, but “a little birdie told me” to go and talk to him. Somehow, the conversation ended up to where I let him know that I had converted to Catholicism during the time we lost contact. When I told him that, he started laughing, hard! I was spoiling for a fight, but he quickly told me that his prayers had been answered… that he was just surprised how fast that happened (because when I went over to talk to him, I actually interrupted him in the middle of his prayers).

A couple of months of encouragement, pestering, and praying him back to Church, I got to be encouragement for his first confession in 5 years. I also got to praise God for his first Eucharist in 5 years the next Sunday. We have since become really good friends (as he puts it, he’s the Francis to my Claire), and he has be one of the greatest support in my discerning a vocation… since before he left the Church, he was discerning and monastic vocation, too. He has resumed discernment!



Isn’t that just beautiful? Congratulations!!!:thumbsup:


Thanks! :tiphat: We’d been trying for the better part of a year and I had just about resigned myself to the answer being no, when sure enough, God said yes. :smiley:


My grandmother was really ill, and the doctors sounded hopeless and said she would probably not make it past the night. Many were praying for her and I prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet. In the morning, she was not only better, but was conscious, and could talk, and her blood pressure and temperature were normal :slight_smile: she then got out of hospital and went back home. I consider this a miracle and an answer to prayer, and I’m really thankful to God for it.


Interesting…I had a similar experience though, at the gravesite of a friend. The marker had not yet been placed, and it seemed so wrong to me that he should lay there without anything. I kept thinking " I wish I had a rose or something so that people would know that you are loved." A few minutes later a man approached me and handed me a rose. He told me I just looked like I needed it!


This sounds like a variation on the pious belief about St. Therese and the roses, from Heaven. Shortly before her death… St. Therese said to one of her sisters… “After my death, I will send down a shower of roses”. From this promise of St. Therese… came many reports of incidents where people received roses… and took it, as a sign that she had interceded for them, with God.

It sounds like Ms. Browne confused the St. Therese promise… with something else. :shrug: Or she simply embellished on the St. Therese version, substituting Our Lady… to make it sound better?

I would be extremely cautious about anything that Sylvia Browne says. According to my sister (who before her conversion, and return to the Church… read some of Ms. Browne’s books; Ms. Browne has some very strange, anti-Catholic “teachings”; especially, concerning Our Blessed Mother). She is a self professed “psychic”. And this is clearly against Catholic teaching. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) says:

CCC(2116)All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to “unveil” the future. Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance (MS. BROWNE’S “claim”; clairvoyant is another word for psychic), and recouse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.

God bless.


It’s very weird when things like that happen isn’t it? It cements your faith even more. Even so, maybe things like this happen to non-religious people or atheists, but they never make the connection. Or some may dismiss it as a coincidence. One thing Ms. Browne has said that we can probably agree on, is that “there are no coincidences”.


“beonthelevel” I was referring, specifically to the “teachings” of Sylvia Browne. I know that she was raised Catholic. But, the fact that she was raised Catholic… is no reason TO listen to her. :nope: Her “teachings” are not in agreement with what the Church teaches.

My sister read a great many of her books, prior to her conversion and return to the faith. I have spent many years arguing with my sister… over the beliefs of Sylvia Browne. After a 30 year struggle… my sister now rejects everything that Sylvia Browne “teaches”.

My sister told me that among Ms. Browne’s “teachings”… is that Our Blessed Mother, Mary… should be referred to as “Mother God”. Not “Mother OF God”… but… “Mother God”. And that “Mother God” is called “Azna”, not Mary. And that “Mother God” is co-Creator of the World… equal to “Father God”… and on and on with the errors. Her “teachings” are very dangerous, and contrary to the Truth which the Catholic Church teaches. As a believing Roman Catholic, 100% loyal to the Pope and the Teaching Magisterium of the Church… I have no other choice, but to speak up… whenever I see Sylvia Browne’s name mentioned. Because she spreads false, misleading “teachings” :frowning: .

Dear soul, my “warning” sprang from a long familiarity with the false “teachings” of Sylvia Browne. I would advise extreme caution in reading ANY of her books or writings. Or attending ANY of her “talks”.

God bless you.

(p.s. “Pink Aquarius” I’m sorry to hi-jack your thread. :hug1: )


St Therese has sent me roses on several occasions :slight_smile:

I think it may be possible that Our Lady does too?

But roses are traditionally associated with Mary as well… for example, St Louis de Montfort, and others, wrote that when we say the Rosary it’s like we’re giving Mary a crown of roses :slight_smile: it’s sort of a ‘pious belief’ but it’s great symbolism and might be true spiritually in some way. It’s helped me pray the Rosary.


“botl” You have misunderstood my “warning” (i.e., Sylvia Browne) and taken my words completely out of context. :nope:

I’m a believing, practicing Roman Catholic. I accept ALL that the Catholic Church teaches. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that “All who have been justified by faith in Baptism are incorporated into Christ; they therefore have a right to be called Christians, and with good reason are accepted as brothers in the Lord by the children of the Catholic Church.” (CCC 818)

This is what I believe. :thumbsup:

In regards to our Jewish brothers and sisters… the CCC says “Israel is the priestly people of God, “called by the name of the Lord,” and “the first to hear the word of God,” the people of “elder brethren” in the faith of Abraham.” (CCC 63)

This is also what I believe; I have nothing but the highest regard and esteem for our “elder brothers” in the Lord.

:eek: I don’t know how you can interpret what was meant to be a general warning (based on my own experience), as some sort of a judgment or accusation on my part… against you, personally. That was not my intention. Again… you have taken my words completely out of context.

No, this is not what I said. I said… that the Catholic Church (which teaches the truth) warns us against the practice of “clairvoyance” or those who proclaim to be clairvoyants (again, another word for psychic). The practice of clairvoyance is a sin… because it offends against the First Commandment. These practices are against the teachings of the Catholic Church. I adhere to the teachings of Our Mother, the Church.

As far as the existance of people who consider Padre Pio to be a “psychic”… I have no doubt. But I choose to place my trust in the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church and not in the opinions of people who say Padre Pio was a “psychic”. (my belief, and not a personal attack on you).

“botl” Please understand, that I was not attacking you! :hug1: You took very, very personally… a general “warning” which I wanted to post about the things that Sylvia Browne “teaches”. I have had many years of exposure to her writings, and her beliefs… through my sisters experiences. This was in no way… an accusation against YOU.

Nor have I “spoken out” against other religions. :nope: I have spoken a general word of warning, against the “errors” which Sylvia Browne spreads (i.e., Mary is “Azna, Mother God; Co-Creator of the World”). There have been similar threads on the “errors” of authors, such as Dan Brown (“DaVinci Code”, “Angels and Demons”). Catholic Answers is a Catholic Apologetics Forum, afterall.

For some reason… you took my words as a personal attack on you. I’m sorry that you did, “botl”. Because I had no such intentions. :nope:

Well… if believing all that the Church and the Holy Father teach… makes one a “child” or a “naive bubble head”… I guess I stand guilty as charged. :smiley:

I want to offer the Olive Branch to you, “botl”. I hope that we can respond to one another, peacefully. Because I truly had no intentions of offending you. God bless you.

MV :slight_smile:


Yeah, beonthelevel, just relax or something. There are other viewers of these threads, and she was making a point to others, not necessarily to you.

I’m with MarieVeronica on this one and Browne is a joke. Remember Satan’s trick of the beautiful apple with a rotten inside, or a speck of falsehood surrounded by seemingly logical and rational truth? It makes the whole apple questionable and not to be eaten.


Let me give you the lowdown about how the Little Flower once interceded for me. I had been out of work for a long time (except for temp jobs and whatever odd work I could scrounge), and I made novenas to the Little Flower. Finally, I got a line on a good job. I made another novena to the Little Flower, asking her to obtain this job for me if it was God’s will; and asking further to send me yellow roses if the answer was yes.

Meanwhile, I pounced on the lead, sending in my resume and cover letter, and importuning the Big Boss via voice mail and email on a several-times-daily basis. One day, I went in to a church where perpetual adoration was going on. I sat there for a while before I noticed, at the foot of the tabernacle, yellow roses with the petals edged with red. I understood this to mean that the answer to my prayer was yes, but first I would have trials to undergo.

Could this have been me just seeing what I wanted to see? The thought occurred to me, of course; in fact, it bothered me. But I soon found that I was right about the trials; very soon, I found myself in the midst of three of them. The first was a temporary job that was so unbearably hateful to me that I did not see how I would get through it – and it paid so little that it didn’t even end up being worth the distance I had to travel to get there. The second was as follows. I finally landed an interview with the second-in-command at the good job I was after, and I went to the interview; but I was given to understand the Big Boss had somebody else he wanted to hire. The third was that another job prospect came up, and I was even offered a position; but I had misgivings about it. Plus, accepting this would have meant giving up the one I was really after; nevertheless, my position was pretty desperate, so it was foolish to forfeit the bird in the hand. This was an agony. But I asked the other prospect to give me a day to think about it. When I called the other prospect back as promised, I was told they hired somebody else. Meanwhile, a conversation with the second-in-command made it clear that my chances for the job I wanted were very slim.

All the while, I kept seeing yellow roses. There were yellow roses at the foot of Mary’s statue at church; then there were more yellow roses in front of the altar; and then when I went to a different adoration chapel, there were more yellow roses at the foot of that tabernacle. I felt encouraged, but I also thought that I must just be seeing what I wanted to see – despite the fact that when I have asked the Little Flower for yellow roses in the past, and the answer was no, I would see no roses whatsoever.

As it turns out, I wasn’t just seeing what I wanted to see. I did get the job. And despite the trials that made the time seem to drag out, it only took about a week for my prayers to be answered.

A post-script. I went to our local Catholic bookstore to look for a nice statue of the Little Flower to put in my office, to thank her for her aid. I found a really pretty statue of her holding a big bouquet of roses and crucifix, but it was a little on the pricey side. I hesitated for a while, then decided: okay, I’ll buy it, IF a priest comes into the store who can bless this statue after I pay for it. Two milliseconds later, in walked a priest I knew. The statue now graces my filing cabinet.


This thread is about answered prayers.

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Many times. The most recent is that He let me move in with my brother.


That is perfectly fine with me, I was growing tired of the former topic. Back to the REAL discussion. My new kitten was very ill when I got her, the vet thought she might have feline leukemia. That was pretty bad to hear, but what really frightened me is that she could have already passed it on to my other cats. I told Mary if she was all right I would publish a prayer I had been saying. Ruby Tuesday is now the picture of health. So I’ve tried to “spread” the prayer around as much as I can:

An Ancient Prayer to Our Lady
"We run to your protection, O holy Mother of God. Despise not
the prayers we raise to you in our need, but deliver us from
all dangers, O-Ever-Virgin, glorious and blessed." Amen.

It can be said anytime. It dates to the year 250AD. It’s history:

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